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D&D Adventurers League – Playing on Roll20.net

I was speaking with a friend that recently moved, and he now doesn’t have a way to play in the new city. I suggested using online methods to play like Roll20, but he said it wasn’t easy to find a group that is accepting a new player that wants to learn. I talked to him about trying out the Adventurers League games, and that would be a good way to learn with out the weekly commitment to a gaming group. This is fairly new, because the older rules didn’t allow this type of online play.

For the Adventurers League games to play, there are two main options, use the published adventure books, or the downloadable AL adventure modules:

After you make that decision, then your Dungeon Master runs the adventures according to the D&D Adventurers League Guide, and the players record their rewards on logsheets.  The player’s characters are transferable to any D&D Adventurers League game, anywhere in the world. Use them in another AL game for their player character’s level at home, online, in the store, at the beach, or at a gaming convention.

For the published adventure books, you will need to follow the guide and remember not to use milestone advancement that is used in the books. Track and record the actual XP that is earned in the encounters by the players. There is an updated guide for the current season Curse of Strahd here: Player and DM Guidebooks. Things change and adjust, so always check to see the new season’s applicable guide.

Lets go back to the online tool you’ll need: Roll20.net. It is the main tool you’ll need for sharing online dice rolls, character sheets, maps, and sound effects. Go there and setup a free account. But you’ll need to either setup a game for others to join, or search for a game to play in the Looking for Group search.

Then there is the method of talking, and some games even use Video. A lot of people are using Google hangouts or Skype. It really depends on what the group decides, or it may have already been decided before you join the virtual table. So keep that in mind to setup those accounts for online conferencing.

Another way to find games, is to go to https://www.alonlinetools.net, and look for scheduled Roll20 games. You may have already started playing AL games on Roll20.net and have some suggestions for my friend. Let me know. 🙂 You can private message me here on Roll20: https://app.roll20.net/users/349424, or just post a public reply.

You can find a lot of useful and updated information here: http://dndadventurersleague.org

General D&D Questions can be answered here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/DnD5th

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