The Alchemist for 5e is now available on DriveThruRPG from Tribality Publishing!

This 20 page PDF provides players with a new 20-level Intelligence-based caster class that allows players to share alchemical effects with their allies, 6 traditions updated with playtest material and feedback from the readers here at Tribality.com, and a new tradition not seen anywhere else.

Best of all, Alchemist is a part of the GM’s Day Sale, but only until the end of March 16th!!

Inside you’ll find the updated core class and traditions including:

Artificer: Create technological devices and master a range of alchemical formulas.
Irezumi: Infuse ink with alchemical and mystical qualities to skin-stain your allies, or mark them with long-lasting power.
Metamorph: Mutate yourself into a beast of terrifying power.
Poisoner: Create and manipulate unique toxins.
Pyromancer: Twist magical effects into weapons that terrify or amaze.
Re-Animator: Circumvent the whims of the gods and bend the dead to your will.
Herbwarden [All New]: Draw power from plants and herbs, and call the natural world to your aid.


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