Registration is Open for Roll20CON

Roll20’s online-only 24-hour convention, called Roll20CON, is taking place on June 3rd, 2016. Registration is free and just opened up.

Here’s some info from Roll20 on their online convention:

Did you know we’re planning a convention this June? Just in case you missed it, Roll20CON is the online-only, 24-hour celebration of the Roll20 community taking place June 3rd, 2016. Roll20CON’s virtual doors will open at 12:00am Pacific on June 3rd and close at 11:59pm Pacific that same Friday evening.

Roll20CON is totally free for both GMs and players, and starting on May 27th, all games labeled for Roll20CON will have access to Plus-level subscription features (including Dynamic Lighting) for free until June 3rd, 2016 at 11:59pm Pacific!

Help us break our concurrent user record — play with your regular group or start something new. Just make sure to label, schedule, and play on June 3rd. More details on how to do this can be found once you register!

Alongside your day of gaming, you’ll also be able to watch a full schedule of panels and games on Twitch from some epic role-players in the gaming community. During the convention and on Twitch, we’ll be raising funds for Cybersmile, the international non-profit supporting victims of cyberbullying.

Visit Roll20CON to learn more >


About Roll20

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