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Steve Jackson Games – Munchkin

There are tons of different versions and flavors out there of Munchkin. Believe me, there is A TON of them to choose from!!!! And in the very rare case that you’ve never heard of Munchkin, here’s a flash demo from Steve Jackson Games to get you up to speed: Rigged DEMO

Munchkin is a card game that is all based on going into in the dungeon, killing everything that you meet,  backstabbing your friends so you can steal all their stuff , and grabbing all the treasure and running out. It is funny and crazy, and Everyone starts as a Level 1 character with no class (joke intended). I really wanted to show you guys some of the Munchkin games that I got during Christmas:

Munchkin Pathfinder

I really liked this one. It’s a core Munchkin game based on the Pathfinder RPG from Paizo Publishing. It came out a few years, and like other core sets of Munchkin it comes with a standard 168 cards, that can be played as a standalone game or combined. I have found it is a great game to play, but I like it mixed with Munchkin Legends and the original version of Munchkin. There a lot of iconic characters, monsters and items from Pathfinder. It comes with Classes and Factions but doesn’t use Races, so you have to get those from other sets. There are tons of jokes and funny stuff that I love about Munchkin that has been given the Pathfinder twist. Classes are Alchemists, Necromancers, Summoners, and Witches. Factions of Eagle Knight, Hellknights, Pathfinders, and Red Mantis Assassin. And there are so many dang Goblins in this game! You also get a a new D6 that has the iconic Pathfinder Goblin.

There is also a 15 card expansion for Munchkin Pathfinder that you can pick up to add 11 more goblins: Gobsmacked!

Munchkin: Moop’s Monster Mashup

Moop’s Monster Mashup is just so crazy & bizzaro, but in a really good way. Moop’s Monster Mashup is new, and I love all the strangeness in this Munchkin version. There are weird monsters It is a standalone core game, so you can mix this one up with other versions. It doesn’t add any new rules, so it allows for just about any other Munchkin game or expansion that you have to be added with little trouble.

Munchkin Wonderland

This is a fun game to play with my young daughter. It is an Alice in Wonderland themed version of Munchkin Treasure Hunt, and she really likes it. She was very excited to open the box and look through the treasure and monster cards. It is a simplified version of Munchkin, and takes about an hour to play. There is a little bit of repetition for me, but that game play is great for a young board game player.  I talked about this previously before it was released last year, so you can see game details here: Munchkin Wonderland

So those are a few new ones that have recently gone into my board game collection.