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Gods and Goddesses Kickstarter

Jetpack7 / Conceptopolis, the award-winning studio which helped design the new look of 5e and provided lots of art for the official books, is looking to launch its own OGL supplement. Their goal is to raise $14,000 on Kickstarter to create and 80+ page illustrated book called Gods and Goddesses. The previews look great and I’ve always wanted to run a campaign with gods from our world.

Gods and Goddesses will feature classic deities for use as a 5th edition (OGL) supplement and Cleric and Paladin player character options. This fully illustrated 80+ page book, will feature 10+ Deities of Antiquity, 10+ Cleric Divine Domains, 10+ Paladin Sacred Oaths for 5th Edition. The gods and goddesses are from Japanese, African, Greek, Norse, Hindu, Incan, Mesopotamian, British and more sources, providing a diverse collection from around the world.

Check out their Kickstarter page if you think this might be something you are interested in seeing get to print.

Here’s the Press Release and Some Preview Images

We have worked on many titles over the years, including Dungeons and Dragons (Monster Manual and Dungeon Masters Guide), Legends of Norrath, Just Cause 3 (video game) – and pretty much every 25th anniversary GI Joe toy you’ll see out there. We’ve worked with dozens of clients over the years, over a thousand projects, and we’re proud to announce our own Kickstarter project for the 5th Edition role playing game…Gods and Goddesses. It’s a supplement which includes familiar deities from our world that can be inserted into any fantasy setting including 5th Edition, which is the number one selling and most active RPG now.

My wife Sara has had a blast writing new game content (cleric domains and paladin oaths) for these deities, and creating new spells for any character class to use in the game. She took care to balance them and make them fair to the core rules, as well as dynamic – and most importantly, fun! Between the both of we have well over 50+ years gaming and design experience…plus, we met playing Dungeons and Dragons, so we can say this game literally brought us together.

Our writer/researcher, Jim Pinto, holds a World Record (really!) for creating the world’s largest dungeon, and he diligently worked on the details of these deities, spending many hours gathering information in order to get every component right and true to the historical lore of the deities.

We have taken and distilled these into a rich history which describes the worshipers, temples and clergy of the deity’s faith, and even further, describing what a cleric or paladin follower’s motivations and tenets would be. It’s been a wonderful journey!

Conceptopolis has been an independent, successful company, working with companies all over the globe, and we really want to give the division of Jetpack 7 the best chance it can have with Gods and Goddesses. Would you check it out and put in a good word? This is our debut project, and the book is looking so good, it would be a shame to not have it people’s hands.

  • MTi

    The $35 Pledge seems like a good investment. Might as well back this up.

    • This book should be a winner.

    • MTi

      I hope so!!! Backed it up and all the best to Sara and team!!!

  • Hi, I’m the stat/oath/domain writer on this book, and I’ve also included new spells which can be used by any character class, in addition to at least one other surprise I don’t want to ruin. Also, I can’t wait to start rolling on the stretch goals, we have some fantastic stuff going on there. But I can’t talk about it!! gah! 😉

    • Sara, thanks so much for jumping in here. I’m sure you’ll be able to talk about those stretch goals soon.

    • p.s. I backed this.

    • Thank you for that!

    • philfromnashville

      Any chance you all could be talked into adding Avandra from 4th edition to your list? She’s my favorite! Too late for that?

    • Hello philfromnashville! Thanks for the question! I believe Avandra is not part of the open gaming license which we are using for this 5e book. We would not be able to publish her under that license.

  • philfromnashville

    Any chance you could be talked into adding Avandra from 4th edition to your list? She’s my favorite! Too late for that?

  • MTi

    So happy that the project is going strong!!! Can’t wait to receive my copy!!!

    • Manos Ti

      Copy received, both the hardback and the PDF. Well, I had torn through the PDF some days ago, but today I got my hands on the hardback as well.

      Boy, what a book!!! The art is stunning as well as the overall layout of the book.

      The content is also appealing, but to be honest I did not delve into the specifics (i.e. stats, spells etc), I just read through the fluff.

      I highly recommend it to everyone.

      It could also be combined with a Tribality special:

  • Nice to see this funded! Right now they are at $26,580 out of $14,000 with a day to go. They are tearing through their stretch goals!