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Unearthed Arcana: Wizard Revisited

This week’s Unearthed Arcana PDF gives us two new arcane traditions for the Wizard, Theurgy and War Magic. At 2 pages, it is much, much shorter than last week’s Mystic. This pass on Theurgy is an interesting blend of arcane magic and religious devotion, opening up cleric spell lists. War Magic, similar to the War Caster feat, is for creating a war mage who uses magic as a weapon and armor.

We’re also asked to provide feedback on last week’s mystic.

I’m curious if this is the end of the player option stuff as they have gone from Barbarian to Wizard now or if we’ll see more revisits based on the survey feedback. The surveys come so quick, it’s pretty tough to get true playest feedback.

I’ll leave the full breakdown/analysis to Brandes. It should be a much easier task than having to analyze the 32 page Mystic PDF for last week’s breakdown.

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  • MTi

    I’ll second your opinion on the last.

    FYI, this Friday we’re taking a brake from our regular campaign to participate in a one-shot game in our FLGS and we decided to playtest as many as UA classes as possible. Up to now, we have on Mystic and one Gunsmith Artificer. I’m still pondering on what to play, might go for the Phoenix Sorcerer I liked so much.

    • Please do. I’ve allowed many UA classes and races as options in my 5e one-shots and campaigns without breaking anything. Currently, our ranger has been playing the updated ranger since release of the UA. I also am running a short 5 session campaign with the monster hunter leading the group.

    • MTi

      Great! Any feedback so far? I’m pretty sure the revamped Ranger is a much much better version of the PHB one, plus I’m eager to know about the rest.

      The downside of our one-shot is that it’ll be at lvl 3, so there is not much to test. Anyhow, it’ll be fun plus I’ll take a brake from DMing.

    • The Monster Hunter works really well in our short campaign which is focused on lycans and undead. The whole party is optimized to fight that stuff. I think my player has played 3 levels 5-8. We level each session as it is a short campaign and the encounters are high CR vs. their level.

      In my main Nentir Vale campaign, the updated ranger seems better, but she was playing a Ranger – Hunter, so not that big a change vs. a Ranger Beast Master. She seems better at exploration than before, without being overpowered or anything. Currently level 13

    • MTi

      So, we played. Long story short, it was a TPK, but the dungeon was difficult for a reason.
      This is not our subject though, so on to the most interesting stuff:

      Our party composition was as following:
      – Goblin Gunsmith
      – Forest Gnome Arcane Trickster
      – Lightfoot Halfling Thief
      – Wood Elf Hunter (revised)
      – Fire Genasi Mystic (first ed. not the last one)
      – Minotaur Storm Herald (Sea) Barbarian, this one was me

      I’ll not go through the two Rogues, as they were generated from standard PHB races and classes. Actually, one of them is the player’s main character in our current campaign as he didn’t have time to prepare a new character for our One-Shot.

      First, the Goblin Gunsmith. Great combo the Goblin with Artificer/Gunsmith. Not only in the mechanics but also thematically. The class can generate a lot of damage (3d6s on most of the encounters) plus nice utilities with the available spells. We all liked that guy.

      Not too many comments on the Ranger. The dungeon we were in did not provide much room for the Ranger’s qualities to shine, apart from the Hunter’s ability to “mark” targets. The damage output also was fine, no problems whatsoever.

      The Mystic was the weakest of the party. I don’t know if my friend played him out to the PC’s fullest potential, but the Mystic powers were weak, not much damage output and limited utility. I’m happy the revised the class, sadly the new edition was not permitted in the game.

      The Minotaur Storm Herald (Sea) was great. I loved the Minotaur/Barbarian combo, although I had to cope with Bonus Action economy, as both key elements of race (the Shove Attack) and class (Raging) are both Bonus Actions. But, as soon as I got past this, the ability to use Reckless Attack (so I pretty much hit when attacking with advantage) and the 2d6s of the Storm Fury (Sea) feature mean a lot of damage per round. To make things worse for my opponents, I could shove them 5 ft. to the side (making them available for sneak attacks and flanking; we used the optional flanking and shoving rules) and the 10ft. radius of Storm Fury did damage no matter what. I really liked this guy, too bad he went down in the end.