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DUNGEONFOG – Create RPG Maps and GameMaster Notes Online – Kickstarter

There is a new Kickstarter that just went live this week called DUNGEONFOG. DUGEONFOG is being developed by a software team out of Austria, and the interface looks clean, simple and intuitive. I like the portability of the software data that enables the sharing of your creations with others, and being able to be part of a community to help other Game masters. There is a plan for two Stages of Alpha testing and a Beta test this year, with a final product next Spring. So not only do you get to be part of the Kickstarter, but you get into the ground floor of Alpha and Beta testing of the product that you are supporting. Here is the announcement of DUNGEONFOG from the creators:

Thanks to the innovative tool, DUNGEONFOG, Game Masters (GMs) can save hours of valuable time planning their adventures. The cloud-based platform dynamically generates Game Master notes (GM notes) based on maps that are drawn with its online editor. DUNGEONFOG also allows RPG enthusiasts to share maps with friends and the community; invite other players to join their game and play maps they have created; and print, download, or export maps with GM notes.

The online editor makes it possible to draw beautiful buildings, rooms, dungeons and more. The maps can be created in a range of settings like fantasy, sci-fi, and dystopian to name a few. There are also over 100 pre-set choices for props, filters, and textures with the option for GMs to upload their own. Based on what the GM draws, comprehensive, fully-editable GM notes are dynamically generated. They include everything from room descriptions to traps and secret treasures.

“I love to be a GM, but I wish I could spend less time on preparation. To me, preparing a session is major part of the fun and I love to sit at our table at home and fantasize about the dreadful terrors that I will threaten my party with. However, the less time the actual ‘doing’ takes, the more time I have to come up with great ideas. That’s what motivated us to create DUNGEONFOG,” explains Till Lammer, Founder of DUNGEONFOG.

Kickstarter Video

With the Kickstarter Video, you can a look at the team putting together DUNGEONFOG and some highlights from the Demos:


Demonstration videos of the current DUNGEONFOG Platform, GM Notes and the Editor.


The current project is at €11,867 of their €15,000 goal with the campaign ending April 26th. Fantastic!

DUNGEONFOG | Create RPG Maps and GameMaster Notes Online -- Kicktraq Mini


DUNGEONFOG was founded by Till Lammer, Herbert Leier, and Thomas Schmidt. The founders met while working together at RAUM3, a small design studio located in the heart of Vienna. As avid pen & paper enthusiasts they even organize weekly Dungeons & Dragons game nights at their office. Their mission is to create a set of tools that will help RPG Game Masters to easily create content using their maps as a central hub. They opt for visual concepts instead of highly mechanical concepts so that GMs can focus on their creativity rather than steep learning curves.


Early Beta and Alpha access along with discounted subscriptions to DUNGEONFOG Premium can be pre-ordered from March 27, 2017 through April 26, 2017 exclusively through Kickstarter.

Campaign page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/56806732/1140399226

For additional information about DUNGEONFOG please visit their website: http://www.dungeonfog.com, and they can be found on Facebook & Twitter.