We have a new publication on DriveThruRPG today. This is the eleventh product we have released: Three Sorcerous Arts written by Brandes Stoddard. The arcane power that fuels sorcery expresses itself in countless ways: heightening the sorcerer’s charismatic influence, granting influence over the bitter winds of winter, or joining the sorcerer’s soul to the sea. The powers described herein are rare and strange, but mighty, for sorcerous blood is the essence of power. Answer the call of your birthright.

In addition, you’ll find seven new magic items for sorcerers and other spellcasters. These magic items relate to the themes of the Royal, Tidal, and Winter Kin sorcerous origins and explore their stories.

You can get a copy through our Publisher’s page or with this direct link: Three Sorcerous Arts. If you’ve been a Patreon with us for a while, we have sent out coupons to our Shaman, Hunter & Warrior supporters. Thanks to everyone that has helped us to this point!


  • Just purchased! Looking forward to checking it out!

    • Awesome, thank you! Let me know what you think. 🙂

      The funny story about this is that I released the first draft of the Tidal sorcerer in Harbinger of Doom the day before UA released their Sea sorcerer. You’ll see that my approach has almost nothing in common with theirs – for better or for worse. 😉

    • I’m a big fan of all of these. Out of curiosity, did you use the tweaked version of Royal Presence you mentioned on your blog post about the Friends cantrip?

    • I did not implement that fix in the PDF (because I shouldn’t do that much backdoor design of cantrips in a PDF about sorcerer subclasses), though I do use it in my home game, and I do recommend it.

    • As a teaching moment (for me!), why not just make a power in the class feature that worked identically but in the way you’d prefer?

    • In no particular order:
      – that implementation didn’t occur to me.
      – using an existing spell is a subtle reminder that these are sorcerers doing sorcery things (even if that is just a cantrip, it’s still about being a spellcaster).
      – using an existing mechanic opens the door to other mechanics influencing the friends spell, or any sorcerer spell, or any cantrip. This can be a bad thing as well as a good, so let’s call it more of an outcome than an intent.
      – I already had the issues of the friends cantrip on my mind.

      Always happy to talk design. 😉

    • Thanks!

  • Jamie Van Doren

    These are great. But you know what I REALLY freaking want? You’re ridiculously Awesome and thoughtful race based personality traits and flaws!!!!!

    I just… I don’t know why I can’t haz them 🙁
    They’re so good.

    (Aside – the Tidal Sorcerer you created is pretty interesting and bad ass too, though)

    • The only problem with the racial personality traits document is deciding when I’m finished. Even within the bounds of the OGL, there are a lot of races I can potentially cover. 😉

      I’m absolutely compiling them into a PDF someday, and in a lovely twist the information is even stored in something close to the way Dave Jumaquio, who handles our layouts and such, needs them.

      Thank you for letting me know what you’re most interested in seeing next. That means a lot to me! And I’m glad you like Tidal sorcery!

  • MTi

    Dear Team, have you sent the coupons to the Patreon backers?

    • I ask Michael to figure out where your coupon is.

    • MTi

      Many thanks, I got not one, but two emails.

      Thank you very much!!!

  • MTi

    So, I just HAD to go through it all as soon as it was downloaded.

    Great job!!!

    The Royal Sorcerer is a bit weak thematically if you ask me. I guess you could base it in some old lineage of Mage Kings or even in a long-extinct lineage of a superior race that used to rule the land. In any case, it is Paladin meets Sorcerer and it plays out nicely with the high Charisma value any Sorcerer should have.

    The Tidal Sorcerer has that wacky Tides of Fortune feature and I like that a lot. I guess I’ll have many debates with my players as to what can pass as a “large body of water” but I believe common sense (aka DM’s ruling) will prevail. Finally, it might be a bit of a burden to keep track of which of the Call the Tides feature the player has used, but it’s not a game braker in any case.

    Winter Kin Sorcerer is absolutely great. In some instances (Iike the Icy Path) it reminded me of Ice-Man from X-Men. In the Cloak of Winter feature, is the ignoring of cold, moving on ice restrictions etc an after effect of taking cold damage or it applies anyhow?

    I loved the Magic Items. Nice ideas through and through.

    • Sharing this mini review on the store would be really great if you could!

    • MTi

      Yes, it is on the to-do list. I’ve rated it already, I’m planning to do the review shortly.

    • MTi


    • Thanks!!!

    • Cloak of Winter: ignoring environmental cold and moving freely on ice work all the time, not just after taking cold damage. (It’s unreasonably hard to make this clear in rules text – sort of an ongoing problem that I have.) I apologize for any confusion.

      Call the Tides being data-heavy is a danger, I agree, so I have to hope that it pays off in interesting outcomes sufficient to justify that mental load. I really liked the 4e Cosmic sorcerer, and wanted to play with that cyclical casting effect in a different way. As you know from other articles I’ve posted, I really like state-changing magic items, which have the same difficulty.

      The Royal sorcerer has been super popular in my own campaign, but the campaign places a ton of emphasis on legitimacy of rule and possible revolution. As I would say for any subclass, it’s not for every campaign or every setting, but it says interesting things about the world if it does fit.

      I’m thrilled that you like the magic items, and the PDF as a whole! As my esteemed colleague has noted, reviews and ratings in DTRPG are a huge help.