We have a new publication on DriveThruRPG today. This is the eleventh product we have released: Three Sorcerous Arts written by Brandes Stoddard. The arcane power that fuels sorcery expresses itself in countless ways: heightening the sorcerer’s charismatic influence, granting influence over the bitter winds of winter, or joining the sorcerer’s soul to the sea. The powers described herein are rare and strange, but mighty, for sorcerous blood is the essence of power. Answer the call of your birthright.

In addition, you’ll find seven new magic items for sorcerers and other spellcasters. These magic items relate to the themes of the Royal, Tidal, and Winter Kin sorcerous origins and explore their stories.

You can get a copy through our Publisher’s page or with this direct link: Three Sorcerous Arts. If you’ve been a Patreon with us for a while, we have sent out coupons to our Shaman, Hunter & Warrior supporters. Thanks to everyone that has helped us to this point!