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The Living Preview Part 2 – Skill System

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This week’s instalment covers the skill system for The Living. Below you will find a breakdown of the Athletics skill in detail, but first please see the following videos as an introduction to the RPG itself and its Skills mechanic:


So let’s take a look at Athletics in detail as an example utilizing The Living’s skill system, and in the next installment we’ll create a sample character to show the overall process.

Athletics is a measure of physical strength, nimbleness, and endurance. Those who have high Athletics tend to be healthy and fit, either owing to a history of rigorous personal training, military service, sports, or other physical backgrounds.

Skill Bonus: For every Athletics skill purchased, you can declare a Boon on any Stunt roll requiring personal athleticism an additional 1 time per day of game time (maximum of 10). You must declare the Boon before you roll.

SKILL BRANCHES                                                 

Agility: The Agility branch represents the ability to roll with blows, or evade them altogether.

  • Defense: For every level of the Agility branch, you can declare a Boon on any Evade roll an additional 1 time per day. You must declare the Boon before you roll.
  • Rolling Evasion: When you roll to evade an attack and succeed, you can immediately move up to half of your total movement. You can only do this once per round.
  • Near Miss: You can choose to declare a Boon after rolling to Evade, instead of before.

Speed: Speed represents swiftness, being able to run fast and react at a moment’s notice.

  • Speed: For every level of the Speed branch, add 1 to your base movement speed.
  • Quick Reflexes: Your d20 rolls for Initiative are Blessed.
  • Lightfooted: You can ignore the penalties of moving over difficult terrain, as long as you begin and end your turn in a square that is not difficult terrain.

Stamina: Stamina represents endurance, fortitude, and the ability to stave off exhaustion.

  • Exhaustion: For every level of the Stamina branch, add 1 to the number of Attack, Evade, or Stunt rolls you make before becoming exhausted.
  • Catch Breath: Once per day, you can use your action to restart your exhaustion counter to 0. At Level 4, you can do this twice per day.

Strength: The Strength branch represents physical burliness and muscle power.

  • Damage: For every level of the Strength branch, add 2 to the damage you deal with melee weapon attacks.
  • Overpower: When you fail in a roll against another character or monster in a show of force – such as grappling or shoving – you can declare a use of one of your Stunt Boons even after the rolls is made. At Level 4, the roll is also considered Blessed.
  • Knockout: You can choose to deal half of your melee weapon damage to Will Points. If your opponent is reduced to 1 Will Point or less, they are knocked unconscious for 1 hour or until healed.


The Kickstarter campaign for The Living begins on September 15 and concludes on Halloween, October 31, 2017! We will be seeking the funds of artwork and development reimbursement, and both digital and hard copies will be available through DriveThruRPG.com

For more information on the Kickstarter campaign and project development, please follow us at: https://www.facebook.com/TheLivingRPG/.