Conjure Beyond

Modern Horror vs Attack of the Clones

Part two of the trilogy of movie total conversions into modern supernatural horror.

Attack of the Clones
Internet Movie Database – ‘Ten years after initially meeting, Anakin Skywalker shares a forbidden romance with Padmé Amidala, while Obi-Wan investigates an assassination attempt on the senator and discovers a secret clone army crafted for the Jedi.’

Antagonists – Darth Sidius & Count Dooku-Sith Lords.
Protagonists – Jedi team.
Third Parties – Genosin Clonecrafters, Sand people.

Obi-wan discovers someone pretending to be a Jedi ordered a huge bunch of Clones to be created and covered their tracks both in maps and in transactions. Anakin tries to help Obi-wan but they both get drawn into an arena fight against Separatists mercenaries.

Version 1

Two heroes from the first ep, or two different people (eg Lycan and Vampire who should not mix or mate) are in a relationship. They travel together in private on their own holiday or quest to find a cure for one of them. The other group investigates an crimes against the ruling body of (most powerful supernaturals in the area). They discover someone has been creating an army of (Lycans/flesh golems/ghouls) and are drawn into a large fight but allies are near.

Player characters could be –
– Ongoing characters from the previous episode.
– One of the earlier batch of Lycans/Ghouls that broke free and want it all to stop.
– Loyal agent of the powerful supernatural trying to stop the crimes and continue the status quo. (Jedi)

At some point…

– Heroes in both teams see or hear a crime against the ruling supernaturals, can stop it or try to capture the perpetrator.

– Investigators are chased by Mercenaries guarding the army creation facility (space chase)- Fight against mercenaries in the army creation facility/complex (droid factory)

– Some of the heroes (or their mentors) have a chance to control the new army to aid them. New army scares citizens in some way.

– Heroes realise the flesh golems/ghouls/lycan troops were once people they went to school with.


Version 2

Heroes are part of a revolution and are covering up the creation of an army to over throw the current rulers-Feudal Houses of Mages. Some of the heroes are sent to various places to undermine the rulers, while the others are planting false evidence to throw the blame at a third party. At some point some of them will be lured into a trap or get caught, and their allies will have to come to the rescue in an escalating fight between two factions of the ruling party.

Player characters could be –
– Hackers or technicians, skilled and break/enter or booby traps (Droids)
– Someone who lives in the area and is trying to minimize civilian casualties.
– Double agent of the powerful supernatural rulers trying to gain their own power in the confusion. (Sith)

At some point…
– Heroes will have a quiet moment or two with people they care about, family or romantic partners.
– They should find evidence that both groups are preying on citizens in some way, neither are moral paragons.
– Two of the heroes will duel against an elder ruler to stop the fighting (Count Dooku).
– Allies come to help during an increasing fight in an arena/clearing against beasts then mercenaries. (arena fight).

Want more?
– A powerful Mage takes one of the heroes under their wing, gives them some advice or training.
– Gangs try to steal cars and mug people for fun and profit (Sand people).
– Faerie see this as a chance to gain influence and turf in the city, and offer to help for ongoing loyalty.
– A Mage or Vampire is following them trying to stop them communicating with each other. Perhaps a relative of the (Darth Maul) from ep 1.
– Some of the antagonists have special abilities or equipment that has to be sponsored from a yet unknown master/power group.

Need Lightsabres?
– Ancient swords that work better against vampires and lycanthropes.
– Modern blades that Mages have enchanted to work against Ghosts and other incorporeals.