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Mists of Akuma: Imperial Matchmaker (5e RPG mega adventure) Kickstarter

Epic sandbox with 8 iconic PCs (or NPC rivals) in the eastern fantasy noir steampunk lands of Soburin and the Trade War adventure path!

Mike Myler has a great second Kickstarter to expand his Mists of Akuma world! And it starts March 19th. The first Mists of Akuma Kickstarter led to requests for a campaign that is full of intrigue and deception. So, Mike created a complicated plot centering on 10 weddings between the clans from the Battle of Broken Spears, arranged by Emperor Hitoshi in Sanbaoshi to end their historical squabble. He is offering a hardcover sandbox mega adventure with this kickstarter, Imperial Matchmaker. Along with several other offerings in either pdf, print voucher, or print.

His huge sandbox mega adventure (4th to 10th level) includes a ton of information on Sanbaoshi, plots by bengoshi seeking to use the events to their own ends, and sidequests that take the party elsewhere in Soburin. Claudio Pozas will illustrate the Imperial Matchmaker Iconics. The Iconics are 8 pregenerated characters that embody the Mists of Akuma campaign setting and have subplots worked into the mega adventure.

  1. Ayakashi – A noh theater mask turned into a tsukumogami able to possess people
  2. Kanden – Necroji ninja from a destroyed clan of shinobi haunted by his ancestors
  3. Lan – Soru hengeyokai thief with a collapsible staff and cursed headband
  4. Matsi Tsunamo – Magic dice wielding urban tanuki detective seeking the answer to a mystery beneath Sanbaoshi
  5. Natsuko Hibike – Soburi kami cleric accompanied by her family’s powerful spirit, a strange snake kami named Hibe
  6. Piasu Haiiro-Nokishi – Blessed shikome erītokirā warrior with a mission from his battle brothers and a debt to the opium dragon Ahenchūdoku
  7. Rinna – A tengu warlock from the future that uses her ancestors as her patron
  8. Tomoe Masamune – Soburi samurai in Sanbaoshi for reasons all her own

Each Iconic will have their own free PDF offered through the Kickstarter campaign. Each PDF will include background, motivations, a little bit of fiction, and then builds at 4th and 7th level. After the kickstarter project finishes, all of the PDFs will be bound together into a softcover book, Imperial Matchmaker: Guests.

Mike has given me some more information to share with our readers about the Kickstarter Project:

  • We’ve brought Duan Byrd onto the design team to replace Luis Loza (who just started full-time at Paizo so no more 5E from him, although I think he’ll still be around for Pathfinder/Starfinder things by DaF) because he’s awesome, has some fluency in Japanese, and really embraces eastern culture. His theme pitches included an opium dragon (among other great things) that is immediately becoming cannon, and I’m very stoked to see how he uses the sidequests in Imperial Matchmaker and the Trade War adventure path to tap into themes we didn’t delve into in the campaign setting book like yōkai, specifics on shinobi clans, the underbelly of the imperial capital in Sanbaoshi, and stuff I’m sure he knows about that I haven’t yet learned.
  • Claudio Pozas is coming back to make the iconics and I am SO excited about it. The art orders for them are like 10 pages (narrow margin, size 11 text, single line spacing pages) and frankly I’ve been dying to see some of these get the regal treatment, particularly the shikome erītokirā warrior Piasu (think WH40k space marines but instead of being in space and from humans, he is a steampunk hobgoblin samurai) and Matsi Tsunamo–think Humphrey Bogart private eye but a woman tanuki, which is a piece Claudio is going to just blow right out of the water. I’m positive they’ll all be breathtaking but fitting illustrations for the erītokirā warriors have been just out of my grasp for too long and I’m probably going to explode when it comes in.
  • The majority of this has been playtested already so I’ve got two extremely important documents–the ongoing playtest (which features Ayakashi, the iconic tsukumogami noh theater mask that possesses people) and the condensed version as a reference/starting point for the design team (which notes where and how difficult checks need to be made and are and so on). Because all of this is a sandbox adventure, we’ll be working in tandem to flesh out all the different avenues the complex plot goes around (10 weddings with fiancees that run the gamut from wanting to murder their betrothed to forbidden loves, 9 different bengoshi (powerful government functionaries from the 26 prefectures of Soburin; possibly 10 if someone chooses the pledge level for including their own in the book), those sidequests I mentioned, and then subplots specifically written for the iconic characters.
  • While Imperial Matchmaker isn’t completely written, 85% of the Trade War adventure path is definitely done. I figured that some people won’t want to run a marriage plot right? So Duan and I are taking all the existing adventures (6 of them, all of which are sequential by level) and linking them together with some new spiffy artwork here and there.
  • The other bit is Imperial Matchmaker: Guests which compiles all of the eight free PDFs being published during the Kickstarter funding period, expands them from a 4th and 7th level build into builds for everything from 4th-10th, and has some extra stuff for GMs–like how to make a little something special and extra for players that want to make their own characters for either the mega adventure or the adventure path, in which case the pregenerated characters can be made into rivals for the party.

Mists of Akuma

First time reading about Mists of Akuma?  Well here is a great video to get you up to speed:


Several books have already been completed, so there is a staggered release schedule:

  • Reward Wave #1 (May 2018) – Mists of Akuma core book, Mists of Akuma: Adventurer’s Handbook
  • Reward Wave #2 (December 2018) – Mists of Akuma: Trade War adventure path, Imperial Matchmaker: Guests, Mists of Akuma t-shirts
  • Reward Wave #3 (June 2019) – Mists of Akuma: Imperial Matchmaker mega adventure


The project starts March 19th, and I’ll include a graphic of the project’s Kicktraq when it goes live. There are several book offerings in either PDF, print voucher or direct print & ship.

Mists of Akuma: Imperial Matchmaker (5E RPG mega adventure) -- Kicktraq Mini

Check out the kickstarter link to see all of the options. Check it out:


Information: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/verantheacodex/mists-of-akuma-eastern-fantasy-noir-steampunk-for/posts/2123786

Kickstarter Campaign LINK IS LIVE!!!

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Fangs of Revenge (6th-7th level) Duplicitous intrigue and a deep mystery in a railroad town.

Cursed Soul of the Scorpion Samurai (7th level) Covert journeys, zombie pandemonium, and a chase after a murderous anti-hero.

Yai Sovereign of Storms (7th-8th level) Discover the oni city of Tsukisasu and influence who rules over the secret settlement.

Revenge of the Pale Master (8th-10th level) An epic adventure delving into the dark past of Kizaki and the bloody abattoir of its true master.