Starfinder Beginner Box Coming Spring 2019

With all the excitement and news surrounding Gen Con, I didn’t notice the Starfinder Beginner Box being announced at Starfinder 101 panel. Here are some quick points about what has been revealed so far:

  • It will be released Spring 2019
  • Similar to the Pathfinder Beginner Box (which is an excellent product that I have on my shelf), the box will contain “all of the components needed to quickly learn and play the popular Starfinder RPG“, specifically stuff such as dice, maps, pawns and books for players and GMs.
    • A 96-page Heroes’ Handbook, detailing character creation, weapons and equipment, magic spells, and general rules for playing the game
    • A 96-page Game Master’s Guide packed with adventure, alien adversaries, an introduction to the Starfinder setting, and advice on how to create and narrate science-fantasy adventures
    • A complete set of 7 polyhedral dice
    • More than 80 full-color pawns depicting diverse heroes and aliens
    • Six pregenerated character sheets to throw players right into the action
    • Six blank character sheets to record the abilities of custom-made heroes
    • Six player aid cards for quick rules references during play
    • A durable, reusable, double-sided Flip-Mat play surface that works with any kind of marker
  • It will be designed to “provide a self-contained gaming experience for those with little to no experience with Starfinder—or with tabletop RPGs at all“.
  • The design team who is working on this set is Joe Pasini (design lead), Owen K.C. Stephens ( design lead), Amanda Hamon Kunz (managing developer) and Rob McCreary (creative director).


Here is link to the full story at Paizo.