On the World of Oerth, many stories are told of the lands of Greyhawk, the creatures and adventurers who inhabit these stories become legend.

This week we delve into the town of Marner in the nation of Ratik, north east Greyhawk.

Notes about the region : 14 Lords rule over the Ratik area, each with noble manors in the city and fortresses in the country. Snow blankets the land each winter, and Humanoid raiders visit from the south each spring. There are several thousand Dwarves in Marner.

Ratik is wary of the former Great Kingdom’s agents, and those of the Scarlet Brotherhood. Marner has around 7,000 citizens. Well-guarded patrols to Nyrond deliver trade goods. Marner has wide streets and many fountains. Half the buildings are 2-3 stories high.

Map from Greyhawk Gazetteer.

Guilds : Arcane Astarum guild, loyal to Ratik (allies with Nyrond) perform odd tasks for coin but have many times aided in defence of the city.

Temples : Procan temple on the east side is massive. Trithereon temple has two surface levels and two below ground levels.

Beneath : Limestone caverns on the west side, coastal caverns on the east side.

Features : Inn-Crusty Tankard, 5 stories high, often has rowdy musicians.

  • Dragon Nest library and bookstore is protected against fire magic.
  • Archery range – Frequent use by children and adults.
  • City wall on the west side is 20ft thick and high. Vigilant guards watch over both sides 24/7.

Adventurer/Mercenary Recruit/Debrief location : Two northern jetties.

Potential Allies, Contacts, Rivals

  • 5E D&D : Rangers-Hunters, mostly Humans. Loyal to ruler of Ratik.
  • Pathfinder : Magus, mostly Hill Dwarves, veterans are known as Giant Killers and patrol into the Rakers mountains.


Raid Quest :

  • Recruiter/Reward : City Guard are busy with critters in the lower caves. Rewards is a long cabin (30ft*30f*15ft) near centre of town.
  • Quest : Stop the mutants. Strange beasts in the woods. Locate their lair. (these are experiments created by Illithids taking to make tasty food).
  • Non-Combat Challenge – Illithid will offer them bags and bags of gems (real) to lure people here so it can continue it’s experiments.
  • Traps : Sleep Darts in several spots, spread five darts per shot.
  • Curve Ball – Several farms nearby have Scarecrow constructs that try to capture people to incinerate in a giant wicker man.

Exploration Quest :

  • Recruiter/Reward : Noble House of Yullus. 200 gold each. Consideration for later quests.
  • Quest : Scout along mountains or along coast going north, checking for monster lairs or enemy camps.
  • Non-Combat Challenge – Refugees from Great Kingdom are hiding in woods, just trying to make a new life.
  • Curve Ball – Iggwilv the archmagi meets the heroes, hovers above the heroes and cackles about testing the troops as she sends 2D8 Hobgoblins against them. If they do well or challenge her directly, she offers them a 10 year contract at 5,000 gp per year with free animation to Zombie upon death.

Uncover Quest :

  • Recruiter/Reward : 3 Noble houses. 500 gp each (but they expect results!)
  • Quest : Locate missing ledgers and books. By regular or magical means discover who has been taking books, scrolls and ledgers around town. (Vecna cult)
  • Non-Combat Challenge – Riots break out against a noble house found to be working with Great Kingdom, travel across the city is difficult.
  • Traps – A book or scroll has a Hold Person trap on it, this alerts the caster who made it.
  • Curve Ball – Mimic hiding in one of the book store/libraries.


Other creatures in the area : Spriggans-Mercenaries, Flail Snail-Hungry for sugar/fruit, Quicklings-Against Spellcasters.

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