On the World of Oerth, many stories are told of the lands of Greyhawk, the creatures and adventurers who inhabit these stories become legend.

Notes about the region : Tiger nomads roam and ride the cold prairies of the north. Archery and horse riding are mandatory skills for all Tiger Nomads. Some progressive folk seek alliance with Wolf Nomads against Iuz and his fiends, but old rivalries die hard.

Most buildings in Yecha are tents or cabins, but there are five large forts. The town sits between seven hills. There are many Tieflings here. There are thirteen statues of the previous rulers (Khans) around town.

Guilds : Thousand Falcons – Archery guild, mark of status to be a member.

Temples : Beory, Istus, Incabulous. Istus shrine is an igloo made from cobblestones.

  • The Incabulous shrine is mud brick amongst a mastodon skeleton.

Monastery : Monastery of the Swooping Fang – Ancient Baklunish martial arts with over 50 active members studying here. The style involves high kicks, cartwheels and spins (youtube Capoeira)

Adventurer/Mercenary Recruit/Debrief location : Amateur archery range.

Potential Allies, Contacts, Rivals

  • 5e D&D : Fighter-Champions, many Tieflings. Hunt Trolls to keep the area safe.
  • Pathfinder : Summoners, some are being tempted by Iuz’s promises of power.


Patrol Quest :

  • Recruiter/Reward : Clan elders. Keep the area safe. 100 gp each.
  • Quest : Patrol the caverns beneath the city and the entrance areas.
  • The Goblins can be persuaded to leave the area if the heroes escort them. If treated well the Goblins will warn of big snakes!
  • Non-Combat Challenge – Goblins in the caves want to live in peace. Militia would want them gone by any means. Necrophidius lurking in the caves will follow the pcs back into town.
  • Traps : Spear traps in three locations within the caverns.
  • Curve Ball – Lycanthrope aids the pcs, Wereboar or Wereraven.


Assistance Quest :

  • Recruiter/Reward : Grippli beg for aid, eggs taken by dogs!
  • Quest : Rescue the eggs from bestial dogs!
  • Cave is near a moorland. Most of the time the Yeth Hounds fly so there are no tracks, but scent is left on some trees and hills as they pass by.
  • Non-Combat Challenge – Yeth Hounds will fly and do hit and run attacks. They will target innocents nearby to torment the pcs.
  • Traps : Darkness spell in two areas near the Yeth Hound cave lair.
  • Curve Ball – Yeth Hounds will try to take pcs back to their lair too. Gathering toys for new pups.
  • Oddity – The heroes find something of value to the Knights of Luna. What could it be? ask the players for ideas. Examples – a knights will, hidden knight outpost locations, attack plans vs Iuz.


Wedding Quest :

  • Recruiter/Reward : Your families. Ideally its two people related to two different PCs.
  • Quest : Prepare and maintain a wedding for a relative.
  • Need food, priest for the sermon, bridesmaids and groomsman, decent clothes for the wedding party, music for the ceremony and afterwards.
  • Non-Combat Challenge – Keeping people happy. Long list of wants.
  • Curve Ball – If things get slow, earthquake – things fall over, people are panicking. Mean time the one of the Bridesmaids is missing (ran off with guest).


Other creatures in the area : Dust Mephits-trying to cover up they slew their summoner. Cloakers-Come out at night. Grick-very hungry for any sustenance.

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