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Cult of Iggwilv – Don’t Stop Me Now – Plot One

Today we look at an adventure with mischievous wizards following in the footsteps of their Witch Queen Patron, the cunning Iggwilv!

Suggested Locations : Highfolk in the North West, Midmeadow in the North East.

Activities : Monitor the Thieves guild and Vecna cult.

  • Take over the Thieves guild. (Burglaries and Muggings are more organised)
  • Set Good churches against the Vecna cult. (several Vecna cultists are a merchant lords servants, and visit the library often)

PC Recruiter – Priests of Pelor. Detected flickers on evil within the city. Thieves guild muggings seem more organised, suspect a new player in town. Can offer 200 gp each and 3 Potions of 2D8 healing.


Diversion (each time) : Vecna symbol on local church then setting fire to a building nearby.

Critters (5e/Pathfinder)

  • Minions – 3 Quasits (approach as cats, will do hit and run tactics).
  • Cult – 3 to 5 Wizards (3rd or 5th level depending on your campaign, some will attempt to flee once others fall)

Mordekainens Tome of Foes – Demons, Rutterkin (Guardian)


Racks of Clothes – Many damaged and dirty clothes here.

  • Player to the GM’s right – They find a treasure map in one of the pockets.

Storage : Dozens of perfume bottles, each made from 3-6 flowers and herbs. Most are narcotic.

  • Player to the GM’s left. They find something their parents would find valuable. (this is a chance for them to make something up, as long as its not too gonzo).

Traps/Alarms : Falling nets and Hideous Laughter spells.

Summoning Room : Oil painting portrait of Iggwilv (pale woman, dark hair, green eyes and armour) on the south wall.

Evidence : Journal in the sleeping chamber, notes of setting Sun fools (Pelor church) against the Book Whelps (Vecna cult) going according to plan.

Lair is different from the area because… Lavender incense in multiple locations, Demonic murals on the walls.

Potential Loot : Tome of Demonology (planes, methods, history, creatures), Wand of Summon Monster III (13 charges), Ring-Lightning Immunity, 3 vials of Holy Water, 3 vials of Unholy Water, Tome of Greyhawk (Overview of alliances, religions, nations -Circa 300 CY).

From Greyhawk Adv Book – Flying Scimitar of Tusmit, Cloak of the Hellfurnaces.


Who is Iggwilv? : A ruthless and driven archmage, lover of Graz’zt (demonic lord), mother of the demigod Iuz, aka Tasha (Hideous Laughter) the Wizard. Iggwilv has been up to nefarious deeds for several hundred years already.

Overall Goal of Iggwilv : Remove rivals such as churches of Pelor and St Cuthbert, the Scarlet Brotherhood and cult of Vecna. Iggwilv sees the Bloodwar (eternal war of demons vs devils across the multiverse) as a tool for her to gain power. She has minions and lairs in many places, plans and backup plans.