The Myriad Pathways of Ki

We have a new publication on DriveThruRPG today. This is the fourteenth product we have released: Ki Unleashed, written by Brandes Stoddard. Ki is so much more than a monk’s personal reservoir of power. Its nature defies definition and comprehension. For some, it reconnects the dead with the living. Others use it to armor themselves against the powers of dream and nightmare or emulate the instinct and ferocity of wild animals. The monastic traditions herein describe those approaches to ki and the search for enlightenment.

This PDF contains three monastic traditions for fifth edition: the Way of Lost Souls, the Way of the Silver Chain, and the Way of the Wild. These materials were designed to be used with 5th edition rules.

You can get a copy through our Publisher’s page or with this direct link: Ki Unleashed. If you’ve been a Patreon with us for a while, we have sent out coupons to our Shaman, Hunter & Warrior supporters. Thanks to everyone that has helped us to this point!