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Cult of Iggwilv- I Want It All – Plot Two

Suggested Locations : Bramblewood (north west) or Gamboge Forest (north east).

Activities : Trade with/befriend local Arcane casters.

  • Trade with/befriend local Merchant house notables. (strange planar goods arrived in town)
  • Remove Merchants and Arcane casters when useful. (one missing already)

PC Recruiter – Bard Guild-Spy master. Travellers robbed in area, strange symbols showing up. May be part of something bigger or signs of worse to come. Find a pattern and the culprit. 500 gold pieces each.


Diversion (each time) : Painting Horned Society symbol on several landmarks nearby, while mercenaries rob travellers (thinking they work for Zilchus church).

Critters (5e/Pathfinder)

  • Minions – 20 Dretch (Demons, will try to surround casters)
  • Other – 5 Wizards (5th to 7th depending on your campaign)
  • Boss – Glabrezu (demon)

Mordekainens Tome of Foes – Demon, Dybbuk (Guardians)

Sarcophagi – Player to the GMs left – Someone their character knows is in here, unconscious but alive. Ask the player who is this person, and how did they get here?

Canopic Jars – Player to the GMs right – Something they truly fear is in these jars. What is it? (this can make it up, as long as it’s not too gonzo).

Traps/Alarms – Falling nets, and Stinking Cloud traps.

Meeting Room : Oil painting portrait of Iggwilv (pale woman, dark hair, green eyes and armour) on the south wall.

Evidence : Travellers stolen goods in the Laboratory. Notes in meeting room about sending threatening letters to St Cuthbert church from Horned Society in town.

Lair is different from the area because… Demonic idols in each room, plants in the area ooze blood.

Potential Loot : Tome of Demonology II (arch fiends, enemies, places of known influence), Cubic Gate, Holy symbol of Pelor & St Cuthbert, Unholy symbol of Nerull & Hextor, Ring-Fire Immunity, Tome of Greyhawk (Overview of Alliances, religions, nations -Circa 500 CY).

From Greyhawk Adv Book – Iron Gauntlet or Urnst, Horn of Barrier Peaks.


Who is Iggwilv? : A ruthless and driven archmage, lover of Graz’zt (demonic lord), mother of the demigod Iuz, aka Tasha (Hideous Laughter) the Wizard. Iggwilv has been up to nefarious deeds for several hundred years already.

Overall Goal of Iggwilv : Remove rivals such as churches of Pelor and St Cuthbert, the Scarlet Brotherhood and cult of Vecna. Iggwilv sees the Bloodwar (eternal war of demons vs devils across the multiverse) as a tool for her to gain power. She has minions and lairs in many places, plans and backup plans.