Located in the south east of the lands of Greyhawk, the Menowood lies between Idee, Sunndi and the Scarlet Brotherhood. The Menowood is a large warm-temperate forest valley.

For years the Menowood was a stronghold of Elves and Treants, but no one has heard much from the area for over a decade. Caught between several mountain ranges, the Menowood has many Ash and Pine trees, along with blueberry shrubs.

  • Jacaranda village – 1,200 Elves, Ehlonna temple. Tree houses and rope bridges.
  • Village near Lake Willow – Brownies and Pixies.  Lydia shrine.
  • Magnolia village – 300 Gnomes, Atroa and Wenta shrines. Homes half built into hills.
  • Village near Lake Cyprus – Grippli, shrine to Wastri.

Menowood Map – 6 Megabytes – Left click on the link, then click on Download on the top right.

Areas of Note

Fey Ruins

  • Suggested Feature : Library.
  • Critters : Brownie, Lycanthropes-Boars.
  • Defences : Dart Traps.
  • Notes : Corridors where magic does not work. Portal to Feywild.
  • Entrances : Doors that require Blood, Tears and Mana to open.

Gnome Ruins

  • Suggested Feature : Research & Development Facility.
  • Critters : Small-Large sized Constructs.
  • Defences : Rolling Ball Traps.
  • Notes : Corridors that drop marbles all over the floor.
  • Entrances : Mechanical Puzzle Lock Doors.

Northern Woods

  • Suggested Feature : Thirsty Woods. Branches keep scratching people, lose hit points every hour.
  • Critter : Strangely quiet and absent of birds.
  • Notes : Unholy area, Good aligned Clerics or Paladins pass unharmed.
  • Plants : Needlemen/Blight in the area.

Southern Woods

  • Suggested Feature : Relaxing campsite. Strangely peaceful.
  • Critter : Gnome patrollers, Lycanthropes-Ravens (reclusive)
  • Notes : Shrines to Lydia and Phyton.
  • Plants : Many Willow and Cyprus trees.


Other critters in the area : Beastman have been visiting here each spring.

Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes creatures – Vampiric mist deep in the woods.

  • Oblex escaped from Gnome ruins.

Secret Stash : Zuggmatoy’s stash-Dozens of mosses and fungus plants in cavern. A shrine to Zuggmatoy in here, with notes on how to recruit Vegepygmies against mammals.


Quests for the Menowood Region :

Quest – Collect water and soil samples from four lake areas.

  • Recruiter – Beory church (Nature, Rain).
  • Reward – 3*3D8 Healing vials and 3*Neutralise poison vials.
  • Opposition – Kuo-toa (non-evil clan) claim two of the areas as their own, want to be left alone.
  • Thing – 2nd Player to the GM’s right – Something here activates your Flaw, what is it?
  • Challenges – Several areas of thick forest that is hard to navigate.


Quest – Planar magic detected in Gnome ruins, investigate and report.

  • Recruiter – Gnome Clans of Sunndi
  • Reward – 12 room Manor in Pitchfield.
  • Opposition – Slaad with portals to Limbo.
  • Thing – PC with the highest Dex-trips over something from their teenage years, what is it?
  • Challenges – Some areas have Construct Guardians (that can be outwitted/avoided).


Quest – Check for tunnels between the bramble caves and the Underdark.

  • Recruiter – Merchants (after caravans were raided)
  • Reward – One of each non magical weapon and armour in Players Handbook.
  • Opposition – Scarlet Brotherhood gathering Goblins as slaves from the area.
  • Thing – 2nd Player to the GM’s left – You find something you’ve secretly desired for a long time, what is it?
  • Challenges – Bramble caves often block vision and distort noise.


Tie-ins for other tomes :

Suggested GH City box set Adventure cards you can tie to this area

  • Dark Denizens of the Deep Delve & Sunken Temple.

Potential Treasure from Greyhawk Adventures book

  • Horn of the Vast Swamp & Disk of the Azure Sea.

Want Werewolves?

  • Werewolf adventure for the Menowood in World of Greyhawk box set, within the Glossography.