In the north west of the Flanaess lie the arid Yecha Hills. Between the nations of Tusmit and Tiger Nomad lands, the Yecha Hills have long been known to ancient Baklunish and Oeridarian tribes.

There are several Gnome communities within the central hills, and Baklunish monks have established monasteries on the western side of the hills several centuries ago.

Hot winds are frequent in the Dry Crag valleys, in contrast to the Bramble Caves which are very still, and scented by a variety of berries that grow there.

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Areas of Note

Baklunish Ruins

  • Suggested feature : Tournament Arena.
  • Critters : Giant Rats, Lycanthrope-Tigers.
  • Defences : Spear Traps.
  • Notes : Vertical ruins – Each room is down deeper one level.
  • Entrances : Doors that require reciting of lineage for three generations to open.

 Dry Crag Valleys

  • Suggested Feature : Mirages, heat shimmer illusions for those with low Charisma.
  • Critter : Dragonnels/Wyverns, not active around midday or midnight.
  • Notes : Magic used near the mirages will animate them in line with the spell level.
  • Plants : Aloe Vera and Cacti close to cliffs base along the valleys.

Marram Valley

  • Suggested feature : Nests of creatures, but they avoid loud noises.
  • Critters : Blights or Vegepygmies.
  • Notes : 18 miles across with deep stream through the centre, small lake on the south west side.
  • Plants : Evergreen grasses grow along the slopes.

Oeridarian Ruins

  • Suggested feature : Former Village.
  • Critters : Mephits, Elementals.
  • Defences : Poison Gas Traps.
  • Notes : Portal to Fire and Water Planes.
  • Entrances : Doors that require Elemental substance to open.


Other critters in the area : Dragonnel lair, attracted the rats of a Raxivort shrine.

Mordekainen’s Tome of Foes creatures – Allip in the Ruins.

  • Duergar sending expeditions to nearby ruins before removing the Gnome forts.

Secret Stash : Evard stash-scrolls (each Necromancy and Conjuration spell 1st-9th). Notes on six Veluna nobles drinking habits and favourite taverns.


Quests for the Yecha Hills region :

Quest – Explore Yallakh and Yagaan ruins for Baklunish lore/relics.

  • Recruiter – Church of Lydia (Music, Knowledge).
  • Reward – 200 gp each and a series of tales of your prowess sent to 6 cities.
  • Opposition – Weretigers prowling the area, mostly at night.
  • Thing – Player to the GM’s left – Something here activates your Flaw, what is it?
  • Challenges – Hundreds of rats.


Quest – Invite both Baklunish monasteries to compete in tournament for Growfest in the Gnome hill fort.

  • Recruiter – Old Monk or Archer mentor of PC’s.
  • Reward – 5 story tower on western side of the hills.
  • Opposition – Some Spriggans sneak in and challenge the Monks.
  • Thing – PC with the highest Wisdom-You see a painting with a scene from one of your recurring dreams, describe the painting to the group.
  • Challenges – Flash flood of rivers between the hills.


Quest – Check seals within Gadaad ruins, signs show they are breaking.

  • Recruiter – Circle of Eight, Bigby of Mitrik.
  • Reward – Portable Hole and 1,000 gp each.
  • Opposition – Elementals in the area attracted by noise.
  • Thing – Player to the GM’s right – You find something in line with your ideal, what is it?
  • Challenges – Arid hills, harder to find food and water.


Tie-ins for other tomes :

Suggested GH City box set Adventure cards you can tie to this area

  • Wine Harvest & Griffon Hunt.

Potential Treasure from Greyhawk Adventures book

  • Collar of Tusmit & Razor Claws of Chakyik.

For more on the Baklunish culture of the area, see Oerth Journal 27