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DMs Guild Review: The Deck of Multitudinous Things

Art by Amber Litke

Written by Amber Litke, Sadie Lowry
Illustrated by Amber Litke, Tihi Luadthong

DM Experience: Expert
Player Experience: Novice 

Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The deck of many things is infamous in D&D and can derail an entire campaign — usually to the delight of the DM. If you’re looking for a slightly softer, but just as challenging, shake up for your campaign, The Deck of Multitudinous Things is a new and refreshing alternative.

The cards in “Multitudinous” are nicely balanced between beneficial and detrimental, giving plenty of options for a DM to create a side story or choose to completely redirect the campaign to surprise their players. Tables give plenty of detailed options for the outcome of the cards drawn, some of which are fantastic roleplaying opportunities. (Personally, I’d love to draw the Erudition card.)

If you are an experienced DM that can pivot your game quickly, “Multitudinous” is the right tool for you. Each card is an idea for you to expand and make your own, which makes this an excellent choice for DMs that enjoy improvising. I don’t recommend it for beginner DMs who may find that intimidating.

The Deck of Multitudinous Things is well-designed with fantastic artwork and includes a printable, gorgeous deck.

A review copy of this product was provided.