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DMs Guild Review: The Brewski Jubilee

Art by Tetyana Kovyrina, Pexels

Written and designed by Kari Jo “Kage” Freudigmann

DM Experience: Novice
Player Experience: Novice 

Review: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Brewski Jubilee is a fun downtime adventure written during the RPG Writer Workshop that works well as a one-shot or as a break from your regular campaign. It’s written for a level 5 party but can easily be scaled up to your preferred level.

Your party has arrived at just the right time to a small town that celebrates tapping the first keg of the season. The featured event is the Brewski Hopstacle Course, where inebriated contestants test their skills. The title of honor has been won eight times in a row, and several folks are interested in hiring adventurers to win this year.

The approach to the course has fantastic roleplaying moments where the players have several options on which NPC sponsors them with different rewards and outcomes. It all culminates into running the obstacle course which has some surprises (and lots of ale).

The well-designed adventure layout is incredibly easy for a new DM to follow, giving lots of options and directions on roleplaying. 

I was lucky to play this adventure with Kage and it was great, I laughed the whole time. If you have enough players, you really don’t need the NPCs on the course as your players will cause all the mayhem.

I suggest this adventure as an entry to DMing, especially if you want to give your DM a chance to play!