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Under the Seas of Vodari Now on Kickstarter – FUNDED IN 6 HOURS

UPDATE: Under the Seas of Vodari is fully funded in under 6 hours!!!

Dive into a world full of action and adventure set beneath the waves of Vodari or your own 5th Edition campaign world.

Under the Seas of Vodari is Tribality Publishing’s follow-up to the successful The Seas of Vodari Kickstarter. This full-color, 200+ page book will be available in both hardcover and PDF. Gamemasters will find support to run a single adventure or entire campaign in an underwater world full of interesting locations, NPCs, factions, adventure hooks, and monsters. Players will find tons of options for creating undersea characters or equipping their surface-dwelling adventurer for a single adventure.


What’s In the Book

This full-color, 200+ page book will be available in both hardcover and PDF. Inside you’ll find tons of material to run an entire undersea campaign or just a single adventure…

An Undersea World to Explore

  • A gazetteer that’s full of factions, NPCs, locations, and adventure hooks providing you with countless people and places for your players to interact with.

Player Options

  • 12 race options including cecaelias, sea dragonborn, sea dwarves, grindylows, merfolk, selkies, sirens, tiburons, and vodas.
  • 13 subclass options including the Path of the Wild Seas, College of the Deep Dreamer, College of The Sunlit Seas, Ocean Domain, Circle of the Sea, Way of the Dancing Current, Oath of the Waves, Leviathan Hunter (Ranger), Dreadmask (Rogue), Scavenger (Rogue), and the School of Bloodbinding.
  • Undersea themed backgrounds and feats.

Undersea Equipment, Vehicles, & Mounts

  • Armor (seaweave, sharkskin, chitin, and more) and weapons (spearguns, harpoons, and more).
  • Undersea gear, tools, trade goods, and trinkets.
  • A collection of undersea vehicles which include sleds, chariots, and submersibles.
  • An expanded undersea mounts list including dolphins, giant seahorses, manta rays, killer whales, and sharks.


  • New spells geared towards underwater combat and exploration for both surface-dweller and aquatic adventurers.
  • Undersea themed magic items, including powerful ancient relics.

Allies & Adversaries

  • NPCs for your players to befriend as allies or face as adversaries.
  • Stat blocks for 17+ undersea beasts including fish, dolphins, jellyfish, otters, seals, stingrays, and whales.
  • Monsters to challenge, amuse, and terrify your players including brain coral, deep anglers, sea serpents, and strangling seaweed.
  • Ancient and gargantuan leviathans of legend with high challenge ratings.

Gamemaster Tools

  • Random tables for exploring undersea settlements and the wild seas between.
  • Rules and advice for underwater combat and chases.
  • Underwater hazards such as frigid water, crushing pressure, poisonous waters, air pockets, currents, volcanoes and vents, and more.

The Sunken City of Zuroth

  • Our dersea adventure designed for heroes from above or below the waves.
  • Designed for levels 3 to 5 with notes for scaling provided.

Under the Seas of Vodari is already 80% complete! Everyone who backs this book will receive a copy of our 168-page Under the Seas of Vodari Quickstart Guide and won’t have to wait until the final book is ready to get started.

Visit the Under the Seas of Vodari Kickstarter page and begin your undersea adventure.