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Tribality Publishing – Level Up Your Background

Your Background Is More Than Who You Were

We have a new publication on the DM’s Guild, as of last Friday. This is Tribality Publishing’s third DM’s Guild product. Level Up Your Background is written by Brandes Stoddard, with editing by Stephen Cheney and layout by Dave Jumaquio.

For some characters, their background represents their lives when they aren’t in the dungeon or out saving the world. It includes aspects of ambitions, their place in society, and their recognized authority. Such advancements are optional even in a campaign that uses these rules, for with authority comes responsibility. Other characters grow and change to the point that a different background represents who they are, but their original one is still important for the story of who they were.

This product introduces Advanced Backgrounds, which complement your existing Background with new features. For example, a Knight might become a Knight-Commander, as they ascend to the leadership of a knightly order. In addition to the features of the Knight Background, they also gain the Greater Retinue and Honor of the Order features.

You can buy a copy at this link: Level Up Your Background. Thank you to all of our fans and readers!

Cover art of Level Up Your Background