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Tiffany Haddish, Patton Oswalt, Debrorah Ann Woll, and Others Announced for D&D LIVE 2021

Here is another press release for D&D Live 2021.


Monsters and table snacks beware! This lineup of adventurers is dangerously stacked. Patton Oswalt, Nick Peine, Allisyn Snyder, Jacob Houston, and Marisa Baram of Peacock’s A.P. BIO join Dungeon Master B. Dave Walters’ The Palace of the Vampire Queen Table

DrLupo, Negaoryx, and Ify Nwadiwe join G4’s Kevin Pereira, Adam Sessler, and Fiona Nova for Dungeon Master Amy Vorpal’s The Flubbybonks and Guzzleshucks Table

Plus a bonus table! Join the special Beadle & Grimm’s Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! Table featuring Seth Green, Deborah Ann Woll, Xander Jeanneret, and B. Dave Walters. If excitement were an attribute, my halfling’s stats would be extremely imbalanced!

The character sheets are filled, the campaigns exhaustively researched, the temporary elf ears fully spirit gummed (mine may never come off actually), it’s finally time for the annual star-studded adventure, D&D Live!  Streaming on Peacock as well as all Dungeons & Dragons and G4 digital platforms, D&D Live is rolling with full initiative to deliver laughs, escapades, and exclusive reveals. Today, G4 is thrilled to announce the remaining players and tables for this two-day, dungeon-crawling master class, and I’m thrilled to announce I’ll be calling in sick on Friday, July 16 due to Twitch-binge-related illness.

Actress, comedian, and chaotic good best-selling author Tiffany Haddish will be joining the previously announced Lost Odyssey: Last Light Table with Jack Black, Kevin Smith, Reggie Watts, Lauren Lapkus, and Jason Mewes. Led by Dungeon Master Kate Welch, the players will delve deep into an investigation of dragons, krakens, and Jack Black’s epic quarantine beard.

Popular streamers DrLupo and Negaoryx will join comedian Ify Nwadiwe and G4 cast members Kevin Pereira, Adam Sessler, and Fiona Nova for The Flubbybonks and Guzzleshucks Table, a title we landed on after running “Pereira and Sessler” through a gnomish wizard name generator.

  • DrLupo: A fan-favorite with a heart of gold, DrLupo has made a name for himself as one of the most generous streamers in the business. Will that heart of gold shine for his fellow players, or drastically shift alignment after a level 9 petrification spell?
  • Negaoryx: Theme park enthusiast, film nerd, and a full-time variety streamer, Negaoryx loves story-driven games so she’ll be a natural Flubbybonker, a team nickname I’m hoping the entire table uses liberally.
  • Ify Nwadiwe: Will the comedian who’s appeared on Comedy Central’s Key and Peele, Workaholics, IFC’s Comedy Bang! Bang! roll all his stats into charisma and hit some Forgotten Realm mics, or shock the world and go full melee berserker?
  • Kevin Pereira: Attack of the Show! host and IRL office Rogue, Pereira’s quick-wit will temporarily change targets from lampooning gaming culture to harpooning giant sea serpents.
  • Adam Sessler: G4’s resident consolemancer who summons review scores directly from the fel, Sessler will lend his seasoned brand of demonology to the Flubbybonkers (I’m really trying to make “Flubbybonkers” a thing).
  • Fiona Nova: Fiona Nova is G4’s jill-of-all-trades and a master of… well ALL of them actually. She honestly needs a nerf. I’m confident Fiona’s meteoric rise as a director and producer will naturally translate to power-leveling in the Feywild forests.

Leading the table on its adventure is Dungeon Master Amy Vorpahl, a tabletop pro and real-life bard in the key of D&D. Amy also serves as the head writer for D&D Live 2021.

“The story I’ve crafted hearkens to beautiful but gruesome fairy tales, merging delight with darkness, and offering the G4 family exactly what they need…morally ambiguous decisions,” said Dungeon Master, Amy Vorpahl.

The Flubbybonks and Guzzleshucks Table have selected The Pablove Foundation, a charity that channels max-level creativity into the fight against childhood cancer, as the cause they will raise money for throughout the event.

The cast from Peacock’s hit comedy A.P. BIO will bring their expertise in the Krebs Cycle of frost giants to The Palace of the Vampire Queen Table, led by graduate-level Dungeon Master B. Dave Walters.

  • Patton Oswalt: A comedian, actor, writer, and all-around pillar of nerd culture, Oswalt needs no introduction, but he’ll still need decent rolls to survive whatever Dave has planned.
  • Nick Peine: A comedy prodigy famously deemed the best college stand-up in the country, Peine will stress test the theory that the pen is mightier than the sword against dragons with imaginary swords.
  • Marisa Baram: Can the actress who’s appeared on BET’s Real Husbands of Hollywood and ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder also get away from murderous bands of goblins?
  • Allisyn Snyder: Along with being an accomplished thespian, Snyder also does trapeze, scuba diving, and roller derby when not in front of the camera. A perfect mix of action and skills that will translate extremely well to the D&D table.
  • Jacob Houston: Known as the well-spoken comedic relief of the class inP. BIO, Houston will hopefully be the relief his fellow players need during this dangerous adventure.

The players of The Palace of the Vampire Queen Table have selected Alice’s Kids, a foundation that provides winter gear for children in need, as the charity they will be questing to raise money for during the event.

Finally, the Beadle & Grimm’s Faster, Purple Worm! Kill! Kill! Table is a D&D setup like you’ve never seen before. I haven’t at least, and I watch a lot of D&D streams as “marketing research.” D&D veterans B. Dave Walters, Xander Jeanneret, Deborah Ann Woll, and Seth Green will improvise their way through a doomed campaign to hunt a massive monster with a challenge rating the size of the moon. Hosted by Bill Rehor and run by DM Jon Ciccolini, both from Beadle & Grimm’s, this one-hour session is unlikely to roll critical hits but sure to score critical laughs (unfortunately the monster has maxed comedy resistance).

“I can’t wait for you all to see the glorious demise of these fantastic performers live on television,” said Jon Ciccolini. “It’s going to be pretty epic, fairly gross, and maybe just a little silly!”

Like every good Dungeon Master knows, having the right host is essential to a perfect game night and D&D Live 2021 is no exception with the smiling faces of B. Dave Walters, Mica Burton and Becca Scott making sure everything runs smoothly.

Watch D&D Live 2021 on July 16 & 17 at 12 pm PT. G4 and D&D are partnering to deliver this programming via a myriad of scrying portals for fans of all alignments, species and levels:

In addition to the mind-flaying amount of entertainment D&D Live 2021 has in store, fans will receive several tomes worth of info about upcoming products from Wizards of the Coast. Brace your dragonborn for interviews with the lead designers behind the annual D&D storyline The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, the D&D sourcebook set in a Magic: The Gathering plane Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos, and Magic’s Adventures in the Forgotten Realms set using D&D mechanics and monsters. And if that’s not enough to make you run a skill check on hype containment, there may be even more announcements laying in wait for a sneak attack…

Go to G4TV.com/dndlive for more information on all of the programming coming during D&D Live 2021 on July 16 & 17.

Thank you for unlocking the arcane secrets of this missive, and please DM with any tips for safely removing ear prosthetics applied with industrial-strength adhesive.

Phil “Philandraell” from the Marketing Guild

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