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Snap Ships Tactics – Kickstarter

Welcome to the future, where humanity is under constant attack from a brutal alien threat. The Komplex spreads through the galaxy and grows stronger with each system they conquer.

To defeat them, humanity relies on an elite team, the Forge: pilots of an armada of spacecraft known as Snap Ships. Fast attack craft, armored bombers, and so much more, the Snap Ships are designed to be modular to build the perfect ships for battle. In Snap Ships Tactics, each player builds a squadron of Snap Ships and commands them in tactical combat over a series of rounds.

Destroy the ships in your opponent’s squadron to win! Will you join the Komplex in their domination or aid the Forge in defending Earth?

SNAP SHIPS TACTICS is a revolutionary miniatures battle game you play with modular, fully customizable ship models. Because the best ship is the one you design!

So what do you get with customizable Snap Ship toys and tactical space warfare? Snap Ship Tactics. Snap Ships toys were developed in 2005 and have grown vastly in popularity. They are now available just about everywhere that toys are sold. We now come to a tabletop strategy game using the popular toy. The game allows for designing space ships, then building them for 2 person tabletop PvP battles, solo play, or 2 versus 2 games. The rules are available online as a draft and you can read them here; RULES LINK
The game components are robust and very expandable with different tiers with more components.
The rules show the base set includes;
  • 96 Snap Ships building pieces
    • Sabre (40 pieces)
    • Scarab (44 pieces)
    • 12 Exclusive pieces
  • 2 Building instruction booklets
  • 2 plastic ship stands
    • 2 circular bases
    • 2 vertical stalks (different heights)
  • 2 plastic movement tools
  • 3 cardboard range rulers
    • 2 range-2 rulers
    • 1 range-1 ruler
  • 1 rulebook
  • 30 Square cards (80x80mm)
    • 6 Chassis cards
    • 24 AI cards
  • 30 Part cards (40x80mm)
  • 8 custom ten-sided dice
  • 2 Ship Status trackers, with 6 plastic rivets
  • 30 Blue power cubes
  • 20 Red heat cubes
  • 6 Terrain tiles
    • 2 Asteroid / Tycho’s Rift
    • 2 Asteroid / Debris Cloud
    • 2 Ice Cloud / Debris Cloud
  • 16 Missile tokens
  • 8 Light Missiles
    • 4 Heat Missiles
    • 4 Heavy Missiles
  • 5 Disabled tokens
  • 6 Activation tokens
  • 6 Ship ID tokens


For more information on the Snap Ship toy line; go here snapships.com

1-2 Players
45-60 Minutes
Ages 10+


The project is currently funded at 350%.  You can see where they are at right now by checking out the following Kicktraq details:

Snap Ships Tactics: Constructible Miniatures Game -- Kicktraq Mini



Snapship Tactics website – https://www.snapshipstactics.com

Snapship website – https://www.snapships.com

Snapship Rules link; https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bqvvjo5lwisb1bt/AACGffaFJfK6dvNbzQPCMnE_a

Twitter – https://twitter.com/Snapships

Kickstarter Campaign – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/snapships/snap-ships-tactics