Monte Cook Games – Cypher System Open License Is Now Available

Monte Cook Games, LLC is excited to announce the release of the Cypher System Open License. The Cypher System Open License (CSOL) is now available for publishers and independent creators looking to take advantage of the Cypher System’s market success (nearly $3 million in crowdfunding revenue this year alone) and bring the Cypher System’s amazing flexibility, ease of play, narrative focus, and fun gameplay to their own tabletop RPG creations.

The CSOL allows publishers, gamers, and members of the public to freely create and publish tabletop roleplaying games compatible with, and using the rules from, the Cypher System—and to market them as compatible with the Cypher System.

Through the Cypher System Open License, publishers may duplicate content from the Cypher System Reference Document (CSRD), a version of the Cypher System rules that includes nearly all rules content in the Cypher System Rulebook. Character generation, core game rules, optional and variant rules, creatures, cyphers, items, artifacts, and more are included in the Cypher System Reference Document. Text from the CSRD may be duplicated, in part or in full, within products created under the Cypher System Open License.

Publishers and independent creators can create and publish adventures, settings, supplements, and even entire, self-contained games powered by the Cypher System. They can modify, change, and add to the rules in the CSRD as best serves their vision. Items published under the CSOL can be released for free or for profit, in print or digital form, as long as they comply with the terms of the license.

“We’re super excited to launch the CSOL now, almost exactly on MCG’s tenth birthday,” commented Charles Ryan, COO and partner at MCG. “The Cypher System has been on a tear lately, with new games like Tidal Blades: The Roleplaying Game and Old Gods of Appalachia Roleplaying Game generating a ton of excitement—and a ton of revenue. As a GM and a guy who likes making games, there isn’t an easier or more fulfilling system to run, play, or design for. I think we’re going to see a lot of cool stuff come out under this license, as Cypher System fans really dig into it, and new fans discover what makes the Cypher System so unique. New publishers looking for a system that’s popular and easy to design for can’t do better than the Cypher System.”

The Cypher System Open License, the Cypher System Reference Document, and related resources can be found at the Cypher System Open License site.

Please note that the Cypher System Open License, although open in nature, is a legal agreement that you enter into with Monte Cook Games, LLC, if you publish under its terms. This page’s depictions of the CSOL’s terms are descriptive only; refer to the Cypher System Open License for actual terms and conditions. Be sure you read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Cypher System Open License before publishing.






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