Deep Magic: Time Magic
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Deep Magic: Time Magic Review

Today I’m digging into Deep Magic: Time Magic for 5e, by Carlos Ovalle, from Kobold Press. Tribality received a free review copy, which to my delight landed in my inbox. As the title signals, this is a PDF of time-magic-related ...
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Return of the Runelords Adventure Path Out Now

Fans of the classic Rise of the Runelords Adventure Path from back in 2007 are getting a treat from Paizo. Return of the Runelords Adventure Path provides players and GMs an adventure the stretches from levels 1-20. The first two ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Dragonmarks Breakdown

Back when I wrote my breakdown of the Wayfinder’s Guide to Eberron, I stayed fairly high-level on studying the dragonmarks. At the time, this was because WGtE is a big document and I wanted to cover it in a single ...
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Waterdeep: Dragon Heist for D&D 5e Review

Back in June, D&D held the Stream of Many Eyes event to promote their next storyline which is set in Waterdeep, the Forgotten Realms’ City of Splendor. Part 1 of Dungeon & Dragons’ new fall’s storyline is finally here! Waterdeep: ...
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Starfinder – Against the Aeon Throne Adventure Path

Here’s a press release and video about a new adventure path for Starfinder. REBEL AGAINST AN EVIL EMPIRE WITH “AGAINST THE AEON THRONE” Paizo launches the three-part Adventure Path series for Starfinder with “The Reach of Empire.” REDMOND, WASHINGTON (September 5, 2018): Today Paizo launched ...
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Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest Breakdown, Part Four

After last week’s trifecta of spellcasters, this week I’m back to a trio of warrior-types: the fighter, the monk, and the paladin. By coincidence, this is also a History of the Fighter series entry, though I’ll call it Part 10.5 ...
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Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest Breakdown, Part Three

Welcome back to the next section of my deep dive into the Pathfinder playtest rules. This time, we’re tackling the bard and cleric classes and, if time is on our side, the druid as well. No promises – oaths are ...
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Pathfinder Second Edition Playtest Breakdown, Part Two

Okay, sure, I should be sleeping to recover from a very sleep-deprived weekend of LARPing. Such is my devotion to you, dear readers, that I am instead diving into the next chapter of the Pathfinder Playtest rules: Classes. We’ll be ...
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Plane Shift: Dominaria

I missed this one when it first came out at the end of July, but another Plane Shift supplement has been released for free by WotC. Plane Shift: Dominaria was written by James Wyatt who is also authoring the upcoming ...
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UA: Races of Ravnica Breakdown

Like a lot of people, my money was on this month’s UA being the Artificer, but I guess that’s coming in September. Instead, we get four new races from the upcoming Ravnica setting. I’m excited about Ravnica overall, for virtue ...