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D&D 5th Edition Released and it is Free!

I already received my started set back on Monday, but today was exciting since we get our first look at character generation and lots of other detailed rules. DOWNLOAD D&D BASIC RULES from Wizards of the Coast. The download file ...
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Legend of Zelda – Four Swords Rules v1.3

If you are looking for a fun little game to run as a one-shot you could try out 4 Swords. It uses a simplified version of D&D’s 4th Edition rules and balances fighting monsters with competing/cooperating with 3 other Link ...
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D&D 5th Edition – Tyranny of Dragons & More Announced

Wizards of the Coast officially finally unveiled release dates and real details about the upcoming Tyranny of Dragons storyline and announcing the D&D Player’s Handbook, Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide.
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Council of Thieves – Session 1

We’re playing a Pathfinder Adventure Path module called The Bastards of Erebus by Sean K Reynolds this weekend. From Paizo.com The city of Westcrown is dying. Since being stripped of its station as the capital of Cheliax, the wealth and ...
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Zelda Hyrule Adventures Session 1

We're running our first session this Friday May 16th, 2014. I'll try to recap the good and the bad of this playtest. Here are the rules we are going to try out...
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Hyrulean Adventure Homebrew

This is a Hyrulean Adventure for 4 players and 1 GM per session that I’m going to start running on Roll20. We’re using homebrew rules of D&D 4e (heavy on homebrew). Gameplay style is inspired by the The Legend of ...

DnDClassics New Releases 4/1/2014

DnDClassics.com has added 5 new modules to its store this week including the 1E Dragonlance - Dragons of Mystery!
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Adventure Time – Session #1

Today's was our first try at playing with the Adventure Time homebrew rules. Princess Bubblegum is looking for new champions to save Ooo from a dire threat (where are Finn and Jake?) and has called on new heros.