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Each Friday, Shawn shares monsters, traps, campaign settings, advice and other fun stuff for you to use in your campaign.

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Monsters & Hazards for a D&D 5e Arctic Adventure

Aquatic | Arctic | Cave or Underground | Desert | Forest | Grassland | Jungle | Mountain | Swamp Are your adventurers freezing to death on their way to a frozen temple? Did your party just escape a prison to ...
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Dungeoneer Background (D&D 5e) for Yawning Portal

In the past, I’ve looked at creating variant backgrounds such as the Castaway and Explorer for the Sailor and the Fortune Teller for the Charlatan. This week on the Campaign Trail I thought I’d look at creating a full background ...
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Creating Engaging Random Encounters

Your group of adventurers are traveling from point A to point B. A random monster jumps out of the bushes! The Gamemaster (GM) rolled on a random table and you encounter a hungry owlbear who roars and attacks. You fight ...
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Using Factions in Your Campaign

This week on the Campaign Trail I’m looking at factions and how to use them in your game. This article will look at how Forgotten Realms factions are used for D&D’s organized play, how I use factions in my game, ...
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Mass Combat – Unearthed Arcana

In this week’s Unearthed Arcana, we see a shift from character options to another look at mass combat rules for DMs, based on previous survey feedback. The last time we saw mass combat was back in March 2015. We also get ...
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Monster Lab: Frost Witch Queen for D&D 5e

This week on the Campaign Trail I wanted to share some monster stats for a Frost Witch Queen, that my players just battled against and won. If you’re looking for a powerful final boss witch or fey with lots of ...
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Improvisation and Rolling Fate Dice

Last week on the Campaign Trail I looked at improvisation and using story cubes for ideas. This week I wanted to look at using Fate (or Fudge) dice rolls to help you improvise during your game.
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Improvisation and Rory’s Story Cubes

Improvisation is an essential skill for both gamemasters and players in any tabletop roleplaying game. A little improvising at your table can be the difference between a good gaming session and a great one that you’ll all remember and talk ...
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5 More Ideas for Your Next Campaign

Last week on the Campaign Trail I looked at 5 Ideas for Your Next Campaign. My players and I decided to go with a modern campaign, but this week I thought I’d share 5 More Ideas for Your Next Campaign ...
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5 Ideas for Your Next Campaign

This week on the Campaign Trail I thought I'd take a look at some campaign ideas I just presented to my players. We're half way along in our Nentir Vale campaign and I'm happy to keep going for another 10, ...