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Aquatic Traps

You see “aquatic” in one of my article titles, you know I’m working on stuff for Under the Seas of Vodari. Today, I’m thinking about how water, buoyancy, cold, darkness, and pressure might influence the construction of traps in dungeons. ...
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2 Spooky Puzzle Encounters for your RPG session

Thumbnail art by David Harrington We are not even close to Halloween (172 days away in fact) but WotC decided to give us a new horror-themed book, this time set in the Ravenloft setting. As my other article about puzzles ...
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What Dungeon Designers can learn from “Bomb Chicken”

(Author’s note: this article is going to be somewhat different than my normal articles, being both gameplay review and interesting design features that GMs / dungeon designers can use in their games. To be fair, I did not actually play ...
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Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin Review

Part of developing the market around third-party 5e products is broadening the review base, so that potential buyers have something to go on. With that long-term self-interest at heart, then, I’m reviewing Deadly Delves: Reign of Ruin, written by Richard ...
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Want volcano with it?

Volcanoes are part of the natural world, but rarely used in games. Using a volcano in your game should involve an ongoing series of events that lead up to the volcano bursting and changing the area around it. The volcano ...
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Monsters & Hazards for a D&D 5e Arctic Adventure

Aquatic | Arctic | Cave or Underground | Desert | Forest | Grassland | Jungle | Mountain | Swamp Are your adventurers freezing to death on their way to a frozen temple? Did your party just escape a prison to ...
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Unearthed Arcana: Traps Breakdown

This week’s Unearthed Arcana comes to us from the office of Mearls, Crawford, and the Mon Calamari Admiralty. These rules expand on the trap rules found in the DMG, with considerably more guidance for creating new traps and providing new ...
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Monsters & Traps for a D&D 5e Jungle Adventure

Aquatic | Arctic | Cave/Underground | Desert | Forest | Grassland | Jungle | Mountain | Swamp Are your adventurers lost in the jungle while looking for that lost temple? Did you send them into the jungle with a treasure ...