13th Age

13th AgeHistory of the Classes

The Warlord Class, Part Four

I wound up not finding anything I wanted to pair with the 13th Age commander class for today’s article, but at the same time… there’s enough meat to justify deep coverage. If you’ll open your Book of Common Prayer System ...
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The Bard Class, Part Six

Sure, it’s been more than three years since the last article in the History of the Bard, but the tale of each class has grown in the telling and I wanted to do the same for bards, this time for ...
13th AgeHistory of the Classes

The Fighter Class, Part the Thirteenth… Age

I’ve been waiting for months to use this article title, don’t give me that look. Today I’m diving into 13th Age’s fighter class. Incidentally, I played my second full session of 13th Age at GenCon 2018 and had a great ...
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Hit Points, Dying, and Death

Quite some time back, the estimable Tim Baker sent me this: I had an idea for a topic or maybe even a series that you could consider covering in the future.  I'd love to hear your take on damage, dying, and ...
13th AgeHistory of the Classes

The Monk Class, Part Six

As promised in the comments of last week’s article, today I’m covering the monk class in 13th Age, which was released in the 13 True Ways expansion. As a general rule, no two classes in 13th Age have much in ...
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Domain Rulership, Part Seven

Previously in this series, I looked at one of the high-water marks for fine detail in domain rulership systems. This week, I’m going to some systems at the opposite extreme: 13th Age and Dungeon World. Not counting, of course, systems ...