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Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount Review

If you read Tribality or basically any other major gaming-news site (or listen to Tome Show News, by ...
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Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount – Official 5e Critical Role Book

Read our Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount Review Brandes posted details on this book yesterday, but we have an ...
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Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount – Product Announcement

Read our Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount Review Hey, you remember that placeholder Amazon product page for the next ...
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Five Kinds of Plot

Many years ago, I wrote an article for Harbinger of Doom on five kinds of plot found in ...
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Immersion, Kayfabe, and Tabletop Streaming

A brief look at the nature of kayfabe in professional wrestling, and how the burgeoning tabletop streaming industry ...

Critical Role Campaign Setting Book Announced

Fans of the weekly live action tabletop RPG series on Twitch/Web Critical Role can rejoice. Chris Pramas of ...