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Mōdiphiüs – Star Trek Adventures – Utopia Planitia

From the 21st century to the 25th, state-of-the-art Starfleet vessels push the boundaries of known space, gathering knowledge ...
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Interview with James Introcaso from DSPN

What does Don’t Split the Podcast Network do in the RPG world? James – DSPN is a network ...
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Star Trek Adventures Comes to Roll20

Star Trek Adventures which uses the 2d20 system is now available on Roll20. I have a copy of ...
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Modiphius: Star Trek Adventures – Living Playtest

The signup for play testing next year’s Star Trek Adventures RPG is now live. You can go to ...
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Sci-Fi Technology Puzzles for Fantasy RPG Games

I like blending worlds in fantasy role-playing games using things from Wuxia, Star Frontiers, Wild West, and others, ...