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20 Undersea Encounters

Thumbnail art by Christian Dimitrov In case you didn’t know, the Under the Seas of Vodari Kickstarter is ...
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Monthly Encounter #13: The Corrupted Underwater Dragon (lvls 1-4)

Thumbnail art from Josh Benson Here at Tribality, we’ve decided to provide our readers with Encounters ready to ...
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Bardic College of the Sunlit Seas

This week on the Campaign Trail I wanted to share a subclass I am working on that is ...
Aquatic / PirateD&D 5eSeas of Vodari

Bardic College of the Deep Dreamer

This subclass is intended for our upcoming “Under the Seas of Vodari.” Like most bardic colleges, I’m sure ...
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Underwater Magic

As you may know, we’re working on “Under the Seas of Vodari,” a Kickstarter stretch goal supplement for ...
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20 Sea Encounters

With the Seas of Vodari Campaign Setting arriving soon, and the just announced Ghosts of Saltmarsh adventures module ...