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Table of Contents | Creating a Multiverse | Creating NPC Characters | Villainous Class Options | Traps | Downtime Activities | Magic Item Tables | Deck of Many Things | Magic Items A-Z | Figurine of Wonderous Power | Magic Rings | Eye and Hand of Vecna / Orb of Dragonkind | Poisons | Fire Arms, Explosives, and Alien Technology | Races and Subraces | Random Dungeons | Monster Lists has a preview of two more pages from the traps section of chapter 5 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide (see all 26 preview pages of the book that comes out Nov 28th in preferred stores, December 9th everywhere else).

“The excerpt divides traps into mechanical and magical traps, similar to 3.5. Each trap is broken down into its core components: the trigger, detecting & disabling, and effects.”

Read Sneak preview of the Fifth Edition Dungeon Master’s Guide: ‘It’s a Trap!’ at


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