Survivalist Gaming Ending, System Agnostic Irregularity, and the Future of Salt in Wounds

Hey there gentle tribality reader.

J.M. Perkins here, proud to have been able to write my two weekly columns for Tribality for the last three months. The time has come for me to make a couple changes with my writing here, and I thought I’d post about it to give ya’ll a heads up.

-I’ll be stopping my survivalist gaming column. It’s been a blast to write, but I feel like I’ve wrung out all of my ideas (for now at least).

-I’ll be shifting to an irregular posting schedule for my ‘System Agnostic’ instead of the weekly schedule.

But I’ll be doing all this to make more time to…


Right now, I’m busy transferring the Salt in Wounds material to its own website. I’ve also commissioned an artist to produce some art based on my specifications. My goal is to do a weekly post just about Salt in Wounds. I’ll have more information for you (including how to sign up for updates) soon. (And here it is!)

So if Salt in Wounds is your jam, I should have some exciting stuff for you soon. And if not, I hope you continue to enjoy all the awesome work here on Tribality (I know I do). Anyway take care, and be sure to wish me luck in expanding Salt in Wounds in the comments below.


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