2016 ENNIE Nominees, Including Tribality!!!

The 2016 ENNIE nominees have arrived. The ENNIES, or Gen Con EN World RPG Awards are given out each year at GEN CON. This year, Tribality.com has been nominated for Best Website! Congratulations to all the companies, writers, artists, editors, and more who are nominated. We are so pleased and proud to be included with such an amazing group of people creating RPG content.

Congratulations to the 2015 ENnies Award Winners!

In case anyone missed it, the ENnies award ceremony took place on July 31, 2015. The ENnies award ceremony is a time to spend a night to celebrate with the award winners at Gen Con. Wizards of the Coast really cleaned up with 15 well deserved gold awards, for their D&D 5th edition products. I’m really happy to see Roll20 win gold for Best Software, it’s a great product I’ve been using for my weekly game of D&D for over 2 years.