Get to Know the Scarecrow

Welcome to Fall. The time of year where we lament that it is still too warm for this time of year and yearn for cold weather, only to complain when the weather is actually cold. The time of year where bonfires, raking the yard, and drinking to excess in the name of team loyalty rule the day. It’s also the time of monsters, honoring the dead, giving thanks, pilgrimages, and the harvest. While Halloween gets most of the focus, with growing interest in Day of the Dead and All Saints’ Day, I’ve always felt a strong pull to the mythos surrounding the harvest. There is just something about the lore and superstitions associated with the harvest that stirs my creative juices. So let’s kick off the season with a look at a seasonal staple, the scarecrow. If you’ve missed the previous creatures I’ve covered, you can find them below.

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Novel Inspiration: Scarecrow for 5th edition

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A construct with the mind of a psychopath, Crane Crow was once a respected alchemist trapped in a broken body. Afraid of both death and a deteriorating life, Crane built the original construct and transferred his consciousness into it.

Though his lifelong physical pain ended, his mental deterioration began. Unable to feel the rush of pleasure or pain, Crane’s mind fought to feel anything and over time his humanity slipped away. He eventually discovered a substitute for his own emotional needs through alchemy. By draining the blood of a victim experiencing a strong emotional reaction, Crane can separate the sympathetic rush and experience it himself. As fear is far easier to instill in a victim while draining their blood, Crane has modified his original construct into a twisted creature of nightmare.