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Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Ships of the Inner Sea

PZO9274_180Visit the high seas for high adventure with Pathfinder’s new campaign setting Ships of the Inner Sea.

The new Pathfinder campaign setting is now available! Sail the North Tack and beyond with the latest Pathfinder Campaign Setting release!

Within these pages you’ll get details on seven ships that ply the waters of the Inner Sea, from the cursed Burnt Saffron hailing from Okeno, to the Chelish man-o’-war Impervious, or the ghost ship Mark Of Yunnarius that plies the eternal hurricane Eye of Abendego!

With memorable captains and crew detailed in each entry, Ships of the Inner Sea breaks down what each ship carries, from their armaments (like ballistae and alchemical shots), how much damage they can deal when at ramming speed, new magical items like the funerary crown of the true king, but also tactics and adventure hooks to work these into any Pathfinder Roleplaying Game campaign. You’ll also get an introduction to various nautical terms, learn the difference between a brig, brigantine, and schooner, view the most important trade routes, what waters are the most dangerous: everything a sailor could want!

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