So the One Page Dungeon Contest has been going on for years now, and each subsequent year, the submissions get better and better.  If you need some ideas for your games, then you should go to their page and check out the entries that placed.  Last year’s 1st place winner was Will Doyle’s Island of the Lizard God, and it is pretty awesome.

If you are a good writer, and have a good idea, maybe you should think about entering the contest.  The 1st place prize is $500, and the deadline is April 30th.

This is the submission guidelines:

  • Read about the history of the “One Page Dungeon” to get a feel for the concept.
  • The submission must be put under the “Creative Common Attribution-Share Alike 3.0” license.
  • Each submission must have http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0 somewhere on the page.
  • Each submission must have a title, an author.
  • The submission must fit on one side of one page of paper (US Letter or A4).
  • Remember that the judges may not know the exact game system you play, so a good strategy is to avoid using too many system specific stats.
  • Only one entry allowed per participant.
  • Submissions can be replaced/revised up until the submission deadline. Only the last revision will be considered as the official submission.
  • Submissions with extremely small font sizes will score low with the judges (Below 8 pts is going to start to push your luck).
  • Keep in mind that the submissions will be printed out on paper by some judges.
  • Submissions must be sent as a PDF to dungeoncontest@gmail.com
  • The file size of the PDF should be under 6MB.
  • A link to a web page or blog article can be submitted along with the PDF and it will be posted to the contest page.
  • Read this Interview with the Judges if you would like to see an example of how the judges cast their votes.
  • The deadline for submissions is April 30th 23:59 UTC

Here is the link for more information


Have Fun!