The Dungeons & Dragons universe is chock full of treasures. Some in the form of gold and silver and some in the form of a glass orb containing a clockwork goldfish or mysterious unbendable needles. Time to make room in your rucksack for a smattering of new trinkets meant to help your quest to unearth the deception.

Trevor Kidd  has posted a fun little trinkets table over at D&D official site. The trinkets table presents the best trinket ideas submitted from over 1300 entries. A d100 Elemental Evil Trinket Table is provided to use while playing Princes of the Apocalypse.

Here are a few of my favorite submissions:

  • #6 – A small glass bird that when set down near water dips its head in as if to get a drink.
  • #24 – A small whistle, that when blown, whispers a name  of a person or place unknown to you, instead of the whistle sound.
  • #90 – A spinning top with an image of one of the four elements on each side (SHAWN: great for a random encounter if they spin it)

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