While we wait for our copy to arrive for review, we’re seeing a couple more previews from this fall’s adventure book, Storm King’s Thunder. WotC’s Extra Life campaign has hit $20,000, so here’s two more previews that have been unlocked by Wizards of the Coast.

Appendix D: Special NPCsThis preview focuses on some of the NPCs that are referenced in Storm King’s Thunder, but can be utilized in any adventure. These stat blocks include an image, as well as roleplaying information.

We get 4 NPCs in the preview…

  • Beldora – Member of the Harpers
  • Sir Baric Nylef – Knight of the Order of the Gauntlet
  • Shalvus Martholio – a shepherd with an important assignment
  • Lifferlas – A tree awakened by a druid from the Emerald Enclave

Random Wilderness Encounters PreviewCharacters exploring the North are likely to encounter wandering monsters. This new Random Encounters section will help create unique encounters to challenge your players.

Here’s a quick screenshot from page 2.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.15.23 PM

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