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Tribality Publishing – Forever Young

Hey Kiddo!

We are very excited to announce that we finally have a new publication on DriveThruRPG.com. Our latest product is titled: Forever Young created by Anton Bailey and Ralph Clark! Forever Young  has player character options for 5th edition to create young and adolescent characters. I lightly covered playing younger PCs a while back in a blog post and it is awesome to see such a detailed publication being published by us on this fun little subject.

Every race has them, everyone was at one point one of them. We all have fond memories of some and bad memories of others. Children are plot movers and not much else in most games of Dungeons and Dragons. They don’t often make good adventurers in the normal sense of the word but they DO make for fun roleplaying experiences when used in the right way.

Product Information

This product provides your players with a template for playing young and adolescent characters
  • Child creation template
  • Height & Weight adjustments
  • Ability score adjustments
  • Level and aging

These materials were designed for use with 5th edition rules and can be played directly in your 5th edition campaign.



You can get a copy through our Publisher’s page or with this direct link: Forever Young. If you’ve been a Patreon with us for a while, we will be sending coupons out to you very soon.