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Xanathar’s Guide to Everything – Preview Updated

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  • adding videos for SCAG reprint subclasses as they come in.
  • added video links for all new subclasses and other sections of the books
  • updated Extra Life preview, including Table of Contents
  • added photos I took of my book and some other images to a new gallery

Xanathar’s Guide to Everything will be out in November, but we’re seeing lots of previews this week, so I thought I would update our previews page with all of the new stuff that has come in. Taking a look at the Table of Contents, this really looks like we’re seeing book that gives us the equivalent of a Player’s Handbook 2 and Dungeon Master’s Guide 2.

Back in June during the Stream of Annilhilation event in Seattle, Wizards of the Coast announced Xanathar’s Guide to Everything, a new sourcebook which will be out in stores this fall. Xanathar’s Guide to Everything offers a wealth of new rules options for both players and Dungeon Masters.

Extra Life

Extra Life is a charity event D&D has been involved with over the past few years. The charity asks gamers to stream themselves playing with the express purpose of driving donations to children’s hospitals.

“As we raise more money together, we’ll also unlock content from Tomb of Annihilation you can’t get anywhere else and preview pages from the upcoming Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.” The rewards for the D&D Team include the following previews:

Visit the official page

Some selections from the ToA downloadable art reward.


Here is a complete list of the subclasses in this book. Todd Kenreck always provided excellent official content in his D&D Beyond videos and he has a chance to talk to Jeremy Crawford and Mike Mearls about the book, which are linked below.

More Preview Videos

Todd Kenreck continues to interview Jeremy Crawford, Mike Mearls and Chris Perkins about other sections of the book.

Some details about the book…

Xanathar's Guide to EverythingThe following info has been gathered from the official product page and a tweet by Jeremy Crawford of the D&D team.

  • Coming November 21, 2017 and it will cost US$49.95 (C$65.95)
  • Pre-Release to FLAGS November 10, 2017
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 25 new subclasses (each class gets 2 except the wizard which gets 1) including the Cavalier, Horizon Walker and Inquisitive
  • host of new spells
  • new rules on magic items, downtime, traps and more
  • new spells
  • Mike Mearls: “Tools and toys for Dungeon Masters to expand their game.”

Assembled here for the first time is new information on adventurers of every stripe. In addition, you’ll find and valuable advice for those of nefarious intent who must deal with such meddling do-gooders, including the Xanathar’s personal thoughts on how to dispatch anyone foolish enough to interfere with his business dealings. Alongside observations on “heroes” themselves, the beholder fills the pages of this tome with his personal thoughts on tricks, traps, and even treasures and how they can be put to villainous use.

  • Complete rules for more than twenty new subclasses for fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons, including the cavalier, the inquisitive, the horizon walker, and many more.
  • Dozens of new feats and spells, and a system to give your character a unique, randomized backstory.
  • A variety of systems and tools that provide Dungeon Masters new ways to personalize their home games, while also expanding the ways players can engage in organized play and shared world campaigns.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but evil is in its heart!

Visit the official product page

Hobby Store Exclusive

“Xanathar’s Guide to Everything also comes in a limited edition format, exclusive to core hobby stores, featuring an alternative-art cover, beautifully illustrated by Hydro74”

The decision to provide a limited edition cover to game stores is a really great way to push people towards their FLGS (Friendly Neighborhood Gaming Store) and away from Amazon, which is good for D&D’s organized play (Adventurers League) and the overall hobby.

Here is a shot of the exclusive cover to the right.


– Read our review of Xanathar’s Guide to Everything –

  • Dave(s) 4 Goombella

    Thanks for collecting all those subclass videos in one place. They’re hard to keep track of.

    • Shawn E.

      I had been putting them in, in order or release… then I sorted that chaos by class. This should be a good book.

    • Manos Ti

      Yes it should. Preordered in any case.

  • Dave(s) 4 Goombella

    Ah, sneaky Table of Contents preview…

    Looks like a lot of fun. Nine more days!

    • Shawn E.

      Looking forward to get my copy to review. I’m thinking SCAG will be collecting a little more dust on people bookshelves, but there are still lots of subclasses that are unique to that book.

      Here is a list of which subclasses (only 4) from SCAG that are being republished.

      Monk – Way of the Sun Soul
      Rogue – Mastermind, Swashbuckler
      Sorcerer – Storm Sorcerery

    • Dave(s) 4 Goombella


    • Oops! Yep I had a player using bladesinger last campaign. A human that studied with elves. Totally broken from what I could see once multiclassed. He had two swords and was able to get AC so high I couldn’t hit him even with legendary monsters sometimes.

    • Colin McLaughlin

      Multiclassing is why we can’t have nice things.

    • Manos Ti

      And this is why it is either prohibited or discouraged in some tables (mine for instance).

      Also, it seems that the rule of PHB+1 that applies for AL games is the canon for WotC. Coincidentally enough, in all the games I’ve been in (either as a DM or as a player) the same rule has been applied.

    • Dave(s) 4 Goombella

      Our group is a little more flexible with what we let in. Anything “official” is fair game (even if banned in the AL, like Aarocockra or Death Clerics), most anything in Unearthed Arcana is probably OK (although that will likely change now that Xanathar’s is out) and a DM will occasionally let in something from the DM’s Guild or the OGL if it’s not too broken.

      Powergamers are going to powergame, and there’s plenty to exploit in the base rules. By opening things up a bit, you at least get some colorful combinations.

    • Manos Ti

      Well yeah, if it works for you, then it is fine.

      I’ve used the PHB+1 rule because it not only makes character creation faster, but also it makes the DM’s work easier. And the latter is really important to me at least who lacks proper experience.

    • Dave(s) 4 Goombella

      Do you design your own adventures, or do you run adventures made by others?

    • Not sure if this question was for me…
      I run mostly my own adventures. Right now I am running ToA.

    • Dave(s) 4 Goombella

      I was asking @M@disqus_gLkqlrgQAP:disqus , but I’m still interested to know!

    • Manos Ti

      I run published by WotC adventures, tinkered a lot, but the framework is the same. So the power level must conform more or less with AL.

      But even in the setting I’m slowly but constantly brewing I’m planning to limit resources.

    • Shawn E.

      hmmm. there are nine subclasses without videos still.

  • Looks like there are videos for all of the new subclasses now. I’m not sure they are making videos for the repeats:
    – Monk – Way of the Sun Soul
    – Rogue (2) – Mastermind, Swashbuckler
    – Sorcerer – Storm Sorcerery

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