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Masters & Minions for 5e Kickstarter

Usually Michael takes care of the crowdfunding news on Tribality, but this was one I grabbed for myself and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

Masters and Minions doesn’t just provide monster stat block and lore, it provides you with bosses and their minions you can plug right into your adventure for levels 1-20. The team includes people who worked other successful 5e third party books Tome of Beasts and Gods and Goddesses, so you know the content and the artwork will be top notch. This kickstarter is already funded, but if you want to jump on you only have until December 29th, 2017.

Here is some info they sent us…

As game masters, we love 5E, but sometimes we run out of time preparing for a game. If only there was a supplement that had what we needed that would let us drag-and-drop into any campaign, potentially saving hours of game prep time. If only there were some new and exciting content we could offer, and for the proper XP level of the players. Well, fellow GMs, now there is!

What is Masters & Minions?

GMs can often face some challenges before a game and it usually involves prep time. We wanted to create a book that has NEW content to help with that.  The idea with Masters and Minions was to develop some Bosses and their followers, but with a focus on how they use their minions, and provide some tips and strategies that any GM can “drag and drop” into a new or existing game. The new content will span levels 1 – 20, so the book will continue to provide new content as players level up.

Who is this book for?

Any GM, new or experienced, who wishes to add new antagonists and strategies into their games. Any GM who is looking for rich and well sorted content, but does not have a lot of prep time. Any GM who is looking to challenge their players in new ways.

Created by Industry Vets

  • Dan Dillon, Writer:
    Tome of Beasts/Kobold Press, Adventurer’s League, Rogue Genius Games, Legendary Games, Rite Publishing.
  • Jim Pinto, Writer:
    Legend of the Five Rings, Warlord, Protocol, Praxis, The Carcass, George’s Children, World’s Largest Dungeon
  • Conceptopolis, LLC, Artwork:
    Major art contributions to Hasbro, Mattel, Marvel, DC, Wizards of the Coast, Lego, Sony, Square Enix, among others.
  • Published by Jetpack7:
    Gods and Goddesses, successfully funded on Kickstarter. Published and delivered to backers in 2017.

Visit their Kickstarter Page

The campaign will end on December 29th and is currently funded.

Illustration by Conceptopolis featuring the Ringleader and her Minions.