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Roleplaying Podcasts – D&D

Looking for roleplaying podcasts for Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder content? Here they are!

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– Discussion –

Down with D&D

News and discussion about all things Dungeons & Dragons. Each week Chris & the mad wizard Merwin cover an aspect of the game. They keep it interesting and they keep it real. Both hosts are active gamers in their home groups and the larger gaming community.

Dungeon Masters Block (Pathfinder/D&D)

Great for new and experienced dungeon masters alike, DMB has recurring series like Real Monsters where they delve into a monsters history and how they can be used in the game. Worldbuilding where they toss around ideas for fleshing out an aspect of your homebrew setting. Added by Editor: Tribality interviewed Dungeon Master’s Block back in 2015 and many of our writers have been guests on this show.

Hobbs & the OSR (pre 3.0 edition)

Want to talk all things old school D&D? hex crawls, rulings not rules, emergent character development, its all here. Guests talk of their games and bounce ideas around for old school games in a friendly relaxed manner.

Table Top Babble

Interview and discussion show where James Introcaso and friends chat about D&D and other games. Whats new, what’s happening in the industry and how you can get involved. A variety of questions are asked to make sure whatever your background is you are delivered useful content.

– Actual Play –

Critheads (5E, Homebrew World)

Three very unlikely heroes fight the ongoing menace of the Shadowbrood, an ancient ethereal threat from beyond. Bravery, sarcasm and pub brawls are recurring themes for this entertaining journey. If you want to hear about a time loop or adventure in a living story book, then jump in today.

Dames & Dragons (5E, Homebrew World)

Three teenage guardians travel the world trying to make the world a better place while deities scheme. All female players and a female DM play an entertaining game with great roleplaying and plenty of giggles with a few poop jokes thrown in.

Venture Maidens (5E, Homebrew World)

Three heroes on an epic journey of planar and magical discovery and challenges wander through the wondrous story of the DM Celeste. Personal journeys, combat, romance, struggles & triumph are all part of this rich tapestry. Well worth a listen.