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5th Evolution Now on Kickstarter

A month ago, I wrote about an upcoming Kickstarter called 5th Evolution by Limitless Adventures. I received an email early this morning reminding me that today is their Kickstarter launch day. 5Evo uses 5E game mechanics and applies them to new genres, starting with super heroes, World War 2, and 1980s horror films. Here are the details that Limitless Adventures sent out to everyone in the email.

Our newest product line, 5th Evolution (or 5Evo for short), is live on Kickstarter. 5Evo blends stunning comic books, adventures, and source guides into one. We’ve taken the popular 5E game mechanics and applied them to three new genres: super heroes, World War 2, and 1980s horror films.

Each book starts with a comic book you can share digitally with your players, an adventure that picks up where the comic left off, and a source guide filled with the monsters, equipment and characters you’ll need to write your own adventures. Learn more at 5thevolution.com

This Kickstarter will only run for three weeks, so check it out today!  Please help us spread the word by sharing this project on social media.

Visit their Kickstarter Page, they posted an intro video and are already half way to their funding goal.