Having someone come back from Death can be an important event in the characters story.

But the event should not end with the casting of the spell, because glossing over this event cheapens the threat of death and misses a good roleplaying opportunity. Below are some ways to weave it into the ongoing story.

So you want to give the character some information to help the group with their current tasks, or to point them towards some new directions.

While dead, the characters spirit talked to spirits in the astral, heaven, limbo etc and learned something about…

D8 : 1=A future situation, 2=Elemental creatures, 3=Another party members family, 4=Aberrations,
5=Shapeshifters, 6=Another party members guild/church, 7=Planar creatures, 8=A past situation.

Maybe you were brought back for a reason…

The gods, elemental rulers, arch fiends or even your ancestors have a job for you to complete, you have one year or its off to the afterlife for you.

D8 : 1=Banish a powerful Aberration to the far realm, 2=Stop the war between (name 1) & (name 2) Kingdoms, 3=Bring hope to your guild or family, 4=Recruit 100 people to (creatures) faith/doctrine, 5=Make the lives of 300 people better, 6=Remove all magic from the city of (name), 7=Stop the (element) from destroying the (place), 8=Undo the event that created an ancient Undead.

What did you loose?

While the character was away from the living, or if their death was violent, they may have lost something…

D8 : 1=Tolerance to alcohol or caffeine, 2=Memories of fear, 3=Concept of wealth, 4=Preferences for specific food or activities, 5=Attachment to the time stream (they get younger), 6=Concept of faith, 7=Memories of magic, 8=Desire to be alone.

Maybe the player seeks a change for their character, or the Gamemaster wants add some supernatural elements to the story.

You came back different…

D8: 1=Lycanthropes smell you as a friend, 2=You changed gender, 3=Three people (GM chooses) lost all memory of you, 4=Aberrations want to recruit you, 5=Plants react strongly to your presence, 6=Three people (GM chooses) invert their perception of you, 7=You changed class, 8=Undead can not sense your presence.