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Roving Rikirta – Saernott Isles

Today I present Saernott Isles – a fantasy area of that you can use for a one shot, as part of the Rikirta setting, or link it to other settings.

Saernott Isles (Aquatic realm south or east of civilised lands) on the Sowilo Coast


Geography : Tropical climate. There are 7 islands, each 5-30 miles across. The two largest islands have active volcanoes in them.

Many of the trees on the islands have red-purple foliage, that reflects green-blue from torchlight.


There are many Sahuagin (Faction-Demons) Humid all year round. Using magic in the water in this area seems to quickly attract them.

Interior has jungles and dry volcanic regions. Caverns below the surface have portals to Underworld.


Demonic Cults : Sahuagin, Fomorians, Hag-Sea, Kraken, Merrow, Succubus.

  • Demons – Creatures came here in the last two hundred years.
  • Tactics – Spells target the environment.
  • Currently most of the Demonic forces are far to the east, but some are here and others are coming this way.
  • Goal – Demons aim for sinking of the surface lands, tp bring the filth low and transform them into true form. Those who do not accept their new form are food for the strong.



  • During autumn thousands of squid of all sizes can be seen in the area.
  • Obsidian idols of ancient evil beings are scattered all over the place. Touching these with blood will summon a rain storm.
  • During summer and winter seals congregate on small islands between the larger islands.


Adventure Hooks for Saernott Isles
– Sahuagin in the area have increased raids against all ships.
– Arcane guild requires some minerals only found near the volcanoes.
– A great explorer related to the PCs went missing near the southern isles.
– The prophesy tells of the ancient ones leaving their essence in the isles before moving on beyond the stars.


Using Saernott Isles in existing D&D settings –

  • Greyhawk-South of Amedio Jungle, Demons have had several skirmishes with Scarlet Brotherhood.
  • Faerun-West of Calishan, some slaves escaped across the seas and formed Demonic cults with the locals.
  • Krynn-East of Karthay. Minotaurs avoid the area.


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