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Roving Rikirta – Tir na saar

Today I present Tir Na Saar – a fantasy area of that you can use for a one shot, as part of the Rikirta setting, or link it to other settings.

Nation : Tir Na Saar

Secretive nation, ruled by the Viridian Thorns-evil creatures for close to 1,000 years. Some say all evil creatures were spawned or created here. Allied collection of city states. 50% of the population are slaves, mostly Goblins and some Nekomata (Cat folk).


Viridian Thorns is a fuedal alliance of humanoids (Goblins, Harpys, Minotaurs) dedicated to conquering the universe through enslaving and corrupting everyone.


Geography : Temperate-Cold Climate. Wind is always cold in the western moors. Forests are warm are night. There are few snakes or scorpions, but many spiders and centipedes. The desert in the south is a barren rocky wasteland.


The moorlands on the western side are cold most of the year, and tundra during winter. The two large lakes in the central lands are fresh water. Thus they are deep and murky.


Encounters in Tir na saar.
D12; 1=Weasels, 2=Fey Ooze, 3=Centipede Shapeshifters, 4=Lizardfolk (enemy of the nation), 5=Mind Flayers, 6=Giant Spiders, 7=Tiger, 8=Goblins, 9=Nekomata, 10=Spider Shapeshifters, 11=Methane Vent, 12=Bugbear.


Two things are known about this place to outsiders –

  • The Lizardfolk were slaves here around 500 years ago, but rebelled and fled the area.
  • 1,000 years ago an Elven Empire clashed with this nation and the war lasted 240 years.


Adventure Hooks in Tir na saar :

  • Nekomata hire the PCs to rescue many other Nekotmata still enslaved in the cities.
  • The nation has abundant resources, merchant houses sponsor a plot to overthrow the evil rulers.
  • Lizardfolk want their lands back. They offer your party 100 Opals from the sea bed each if you aid them.


Using Tir na saar in existing settings – 

  • Greyhawk-Across the sea from the Great Kingdom, the western part of a large evil empire.
  • Faerun-East of Narfell, hostile relations with local tribesfolk.
  • Krynn-North of Solamnia. Negotiating with Dragon Armies or Knights of Takhissis.


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